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Travel Guide || San Diego pt. 1

My lovely sis-in-law Beth and I recently returned from Southern California, a trip that we hope to make an annual tradition. When we started planning this getaway, we knew we wanted sun, sand, and a place we could explore. Southern California seemed to check all those boxes and so many more! We started our trip off… Read More

Travel Guide || Phoenix

We just returned from 2 amazing weeks in the desert. What we thought was going to be a trip centered around Spring Training baseball turned out to oh-so-much more. When we first started planning this trip, it was mentioned (by someone who will remain unnamed) that, “there’s nothing to do in Phoenix. It’s just desert. What… Read More

Fashion File || Swimwear

Whether you’re jetting off on a tropical vacation or just getting a jumpstart on your lakeside essentials — I’m breaking down my favorite new swimwear pieces. The purge that inspired my capsule wardrobe has recently continued and made it’s way to my bathing suit dresser… yes, you read that correctly. Last count put me at 64 separate… Read More