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OUTINON || no. Twelve

Holy wow! We haven’t done one of these in some time. Apparently 2016 has been one heck of a busy year! We promise we haven’t forgotten about our blogging life. That being said, here is our latest OUTINON. Amber What’s OUT Red-eye flights! The problem of having an evening event and an early morning flight now… Read More

American Provenance – GIVEAWAY

It’s GIVEAWAY time! And this time we have partnered up with an amazing company based out of the USA called American Provenance specializing in personal care, lifestyle, and home products, except it is all natural and smell delicious. We received the products in February and both ourselves and our husbands have been sampling the products and… Read More

Fashion File || Swimwear

Whether you’re jetting off on a tropical vacation or just getting a jumpstart on your lakeside essentials — I’m breaking down my favorite new swimwear pieces. The purge that inspired my capsule wardrobe has recently continued and made it’s way to my bathing suit dresser… yes, you read that correctly. Last count put me at 64 separate… Read More

Valentine’s Gift Guide || For Him

Happy week-before-Valentine’s-Day! You still have time to figure out a gift and get it for your special someone (or for your special self). Ladies, here are some items for your man. Valentines Day American Provenance Specializing in personal care, lifestyle and home products, American Provenance – Outfitter, Apothecary & Mercantile, isn’t like all other natural… Read More

OUTINON || no. Eleven

Yes, we’ve been absent. Over Christmas, we decided to take an actual holiday from all things and unplug ourselves from the work, blogging, and majority of social media. And it was fantastic! In fact, Amber traveled to Edmonton where we got to spend some time face-to-face rather then over our usual ways of communication. During… Read More

Holiday Gift Guide || The ‘Others’

We’ve covered the kids, her, him, the couple, the host, secret Santa, and now.. for the ‘Others’ on your list. Check it out and give us some feedback. What other Gift Guides would you like ideas for?! Countdown to CHRISTMAS For the Teacher, Babysitter, or Carers… Knight’s Cabin Strong Bracelet – We’ve defiantly mentioned our favorite… Read More

Holiday Gift Guide || Them

In our third Gift Guide, we have hand selected some pretty nifty gifts for couples. Whether they are newly dating or have been married for decades, these ideas are sure to be appreciated. We were able to work with some amazing people and companies to get you some killer promo codes — after all, this time of year… Read More

Holiday Gift Guide || Him

7 Monday’s until Christmas… Instead of leaving your shopping until the last minute, leave the leg work to us. We have spent hours hand-picking the gifts anyone would love to get and you’ll be proud to give. We were even able to hook you up with some excellent promo codes — after all, this time… Read More