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Before + After || Dining Room

Our house was built in 1928. As you can imagine, this presents several challenges. We are nowhere close to being the first, second, third or even tenth owners — and everyone before us has put their own special touch on the place. A couple major renovations, an addition, and some corners that were definitely cut. But by… Read More

DIY || Desk Chair Makeover

This past weekend, I was lucky enough to score TWO of these amazing chairs from a local thrift shop. The best part, they were $10 each! I have been hunting for the perfect desk chair for over 3 years so you can imagine my excitement. But here’s the tricky part, I scored two… of course… Read More

Valentine’s Gift Guide || For Him

Happy week-before-Valentine’s-Day! You still have time to figure out a gift and get it for your special someone (or for your special self). Ladies, here are some items for your man. Valentines Day American Provenance Specializing in personal care, lifestyle and home products, American Provenance – Outfitter, Apothecary & Mercantile, isn’t like all other natural… Read More

Love Is Art

Well it’s the first of February, which means we are launching our Valentine’s Day Gift Guide! And why not start it off with a GIVEAWAY! Yay! Valentines Day Love is Art One of the coolest gifts we’ve featured on our gift guides! Love Is Art is all about, yes, Love and Art. The founder, South African… Read More

Reno Update

I haven’t been writing or providing updates on my house renovations that I was oh-so annoying about at the beginning, but I figured I should provide a bit of a break so people didn’t get sick of my obsessive color talk and 1980’s oak frustration. That being said, my husband and I have been busy!… Read More

Holiday Gift Guide || The ‘Others’

We’ve covered the kids, her, him, the couple, the host, secret Santa, and now.. for the ‘Others’ on your list. Check it out and give us some feedback. What other Gift Guides would you like ideas for?! Countdown to CHRISTMAS For the Teacher, Babysitter, or Carers… Knight’s Cabin Strong Bracelet – We’ve defiantly mentioned our favorite… Read More