Before + After || Dining Room

Our house was built in 1928. As you can imagine, this presents several challenges. We are nowhere close to being the first, second, third or even tenth owners — and everyone before us has put their own special touch on the place. A couple major renovations, an addition, and some corners that were definitely cut. But by… Read More

OUTINON is growing!

Yes, I have been a tad more than MIA while Amber pulls her weight in writing awesome travel and hosting posts. But, it’s been a bit of a chaotic couple months, with moving (again), and some work changes, but I’ve also got some BIG news… OUTINON is growing, by 2 more! Yup, turns out I… Read More

Travel Guide || San Diego pt. 1

My lovely sis-in-law Beth and I recently returned from Southern California, a trip that we hope to make an annual tradition. When we started planning this getaway, we knew we wanted sun, sand, and a place we could explore. Southern California seemed to check all those boxes and so many more! We started our trip off… Read More

OUTINON || no. Thirteen

What’s OUT, what’s IN, + what’s going ON? We’ve got you covered! From late night bites to summer sips — this week we’re all about the food. Amber What’s OUT Late night fast food. Forget your 2 a.m. uber ride to Whataburger or McDonald’s. Head over to Conservatory — Beer Garden + Food Hall in downtown… Read More