[A]mber @eh.dee.en

Amber – The American side

Written from the perspective of Falynn.

Born and raised in Alberta, Amber has moved numerous times leading her and her husband to now reside in Houston, Texas. Aside from relocating, Amber has ventured from cities to countries, fields to rinks, and towns to provinces, following sports, fashion, and new escapades. In addition to traveling, Amber is typically supplying entertainment with her usual sarcasm, dog mom’ing to mutt Ella, and being the ultimate planner.


My Facts

  • Current home: Houston, TX
  • Husband: Mark
  • Dog: Ella
  • I love decorating & redecorating
  • I’m trying to visit every state (currently 33/50)
  • Reading & wine, wine & reading; the order isn’t important
  • Fan of the Rockets, Astros & hockey in general
  • I enjoy cooking & experimenting with new recipes

My Favorites

  • My Maps & Travel of any kind!
  • My Husband & Dog
  • My Trader Joe’s beauty products
  • My Hulu (US only, Sorry Canada)
  • My endless magazine subscriptions
  • My Husband & Dog
  • Decorating and redecorating our home
  • New York City