About Us

(OUT-IN-ON) @out_in_on

The real-lifestyle blog, entailing everything from design, décor, fashion, food, wine, books, and everything else we encounter in our real life; including our fabulous flops.

We, Amber and Falynn, have bonded over bottles of wine, boiling pots of noodles, furniture building, traveling, and eventually we convinced two man-friends to marry us two lady-friends. We have been roommates, wine’ing partners, colleagues, travel companions, party co-hosts, peers, self-proclaimed chefs, and allies; so why not add bloggers to that.

Since meeting in Edmonton, Alberta in 2009, we now reside exactly 3,022.16 km or 1877.94 miles away from each other (not that we are counting). The geographical distance doesn’t hinder the obscene amount of time we spend talking, scheming, and our favorite… planning! So this blog is our opportunity to take all those plans, schemes, and ideas and put them into blog-land in hopes that maybe something we have to say may seem brilliant to some of you lovely readers and followers.

OUTINON – what’s OUT, what’s IN, and what’s going ON.

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