Travel Guide || San Diego pt. 3

My lovely sis-in-law Beth and I recently returned from Southern California, a trip that we hope to make an annual tradition. When we started planning this getaway, we knew we wanted sun, sand, and a place we could explore. Southern California seemed to check all those boxes and so many more! We started our trip off with two nights in San Diego and ended our trip two hours east in the mountains and desert. Since each day was so memorable and completely different, I have broken this post into a few parts.

Day 3: Borrego Springs, California

The next morning we set off in search of the famous sculptures of Borrego Springs. They are scattered all around the dessert surrounding this tiny town and they are GIANT. A map of where to find all the sculptures can be found here.


Julian, California

After snapping a few pics, we headed back into the mountains to check out Julian, CA — a town that called to us when we were driving through the day before. Complete with apple orchards, cider mills, fresh apple pie, and wineries, it was pretty much as American as it gets.


We grabbed breakfast at Miner’s Diner, which was delicious and they even had an old-school soda fountain — milkshakes! We browsed the local shops and then headed off to find the wineries. Our first winery was Volcan Mountain. I loved sipping out on the front patio overlooking their apple orchard.


The next winery, Menghini Winery, was literally right up the hill a half mile so up we wandered and started another tasting. The owner suggested we take our wine out to the patio so we could enjoy the open mic session that was going on. Once again we were not disappointed! Every Sunday they host an open mic day and it seems everyone in San Diego County knew about this not-so-hidden gem. On our way back to the desert resort, we stopped for some of Julian’s world famous apple pie. Then we ordered room service and took advantage of our poolside room and private cabana. Ahhhh the life.



I can’t wait to return to San Diego County and bring Mark along. Off-roading, surfing and much more wine await us!

Happy Travels!


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