OUTINON is growing!

Yes, I have been a tad more than MIA while Amber pulls her weight in writing awesome travel and hosting posts. But, it’s been a bit of a chaotic couple months, with moving (again), and some work changes, but I’ve also got some BIG news…

OUTINON is growing, by 2 more! Yup, turns out I am having twins!


Here’s a little re-cap of my resent roller coaster — Back in February, my big brother got married in Mexico, which ended up being an amazing trip with family, friends, and a tad bit of tequila. Following that, my husband and I purchased his construction business and made another move (back to our previous acreage) and rented the house we put so much work into. Still following…

Anyway, along with the move and the purchase of the new company, a couple days before my 28th birthday, we found out we were pregnant! Of course we were beyond floored considering some of the previous challenges we had encountered trying to get pregnant. So as most women do when they find out they are pregnant, they go see their doctor, ask questions, and pee in what seems like a million cups. I did all these things, however, I never got an early ultrasound (long story why); anyway, shortly after we had made our news public to our family and friends, we found out at our 16 week check up that my Quad Screen Test had come back with elevated results for potential of Spina bifida… bummer, big bummer! Our concern shot through the roof and my doctor recommended getting an ultrasound in order to see a specialist.

So off we go to our first ultrasound at 17.5 weeks. As I lay there on the bed, explaining to the ultrasound technician our situation, the nerves and excitement were evident in both my husband and I; we were going to finally see our baby, but was there something wrong? So as most ultrasound appointments go, the technician checks things out before showing the new parents, ours was no different… except the rest of the appointment went something like this:

Tech: “Is this your first pregnancy?”
Us: “Yes”
Tech: “And you haven’t had an ultrasound yet…?”
Us: “Nope”
Tech: “Ok, I am going to turn your screen on now so you can see… ready?”
Us: “YUP” — thinking, holy **** this is real!
Tech: “Ok, there is your babies head…”
Tech: “… and there is your OTHER babies head…”
Us: …
Tech: “Congratulations, you’re having twins!”
Husband: … silence
Me: “Eff off…?!” followed by the most inappropriate hysterical laughter.

So, at almost 18 weeks we found out that we were not only having one healthy baby, but TWO! The Quad Screen test results were thrown out the window, because obviously it was going to be elevated with two turkey’s being measured. Everything instantly changed… apparently this is what too much Mexican tequila will give you (thanks Graham & Jocelyn).


Now fast forwarding to today, we are 25(ish) weeks, with what feels like two acrobatic animals growing daily. I will say, first trimester sucked, it felt like a really crappy hangover that wouldn’t go away. But since week 12, I feel pretty great; aside from the rapidly changing abdomnial adjustments.

  • Due date: November 1, 2016 (ish)
  • Genders: Unknown and not finding out
  • Fraternal or Identical: Fraternal

18 Weeks


22 weeks


24 Weeks

Sorry for the long winded story, but hopefully this excuses and makes sense of of my absence from blogging (sorry Amber for being a bad co-blog buddy)! But, I do have some fun nursery/twin adventures/pregnancy posts planned for the future.

To see/hear more of my story, a good friend of mine is publishing a book Dear Baby Stories, where she has featured myself and many other moms-to-be! Check it out!

Stay tuned!

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  1. The same thing happened to my daughter! Not the tequilla but, the messed up test and fear of a birth defect. Found out they were having identicals! She cried all day and was in shock but, all was well and at 35 1/2 she delivered two healthy babes that are now 7 and have never looked back. She has many stories to tell of the whole journey and has done well being a mother of twins. Wishing you all the very best in the next few months and may all go well for you!

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