Travel Guide || San Diego pt. 2

My lovely sis-in-law Beth and I recently returned from Southern California, a trip that we hope to make an annual tradition. When we started planning this getaway, we knew we wanted sun, sand, and a place we could explore. Southern California seemed to check all those boxes and so many more! We started our trip off with two nights in San Diego and ended our trip two hours east in the mountains and desert. Since each day was so memorable and completely different, I have broken this post into a few parts.

Day 2: La Jolla

We started our morning with a hike into the sea caves and along the cliffs in La Jolla. This sea cave is the only one in California with land-to-cave access! Then we strolled around the adorable town and found Beaming Superfood Cafè which was all of Beth’s wildest food dreams come true.

#acolorstory.jpg-12Cmnuy99XEAAQNRFvia Beaming 


La Jolla is covered in fascinating murals, but I instantly fell in love with this one by William Wegman titled “Opening”. It is located at 1162 Prospect Street.


Torrey Pines State Park

Torrey Pines came highly recommended to us from local friends so we headed up to the state park with our Beaming iced coffees — packed full with dandelion root and too many other heathy things for me to remember!


Ramona, California

We hopped back into our Chevy Spark which by now had affectionately been dubbed “the skittle” and set off on our two hour journey over the mountains and down into the desert. Massages awaited us at the end of our journey, but first and foremost, you can NOT drive through wine country and not stop to sample the goods. As we entered the town of Ramona, we were completely overwhelmed with the choices in wineries and so we declared, “whichever winery we end up at, will be the best one!” Funny thing, our close-our-eyes-and-point method took us to THE BEST winery — Lenora Winery. This is the second oldest winery in the Ramona Valley and that day, they had a sommelier, George Franceschi “Frankie” on location! Fun fact: did you know that each variety of spirits has it’s own sommelier? Frankie was also a Master Tequilier + Certified Sake Professional. How cool is that?!

IMG_7353My favorite wine at Lenora Winery was the Estate Sangiovese 2010.

Borrego Springs, California

Ahhhh the desert. From 75 degrees to 110 in two hours. But we had massages awaiting us at our resort, La Casa Del Zorro. After an oh-so-relaxing massage, a sit in the steam room, and a delish prime rib dinner, we ended our night with a live band performing by one of the resort’s five pools.


Happy travels!


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