OUTINON || no. Thirteen

What’s OUT, what’s IN, + what’s going ON? We’ve got you covered! From late night bites to summer sips — this week we’re all about the food.


What’s OUT

Late night fast food. Forget your 2 a.m. uber ride to Whataburger or McDonald’s. Head over to Conservatory — Beer Garden + Food Hall in downtown Houston. This impressive space houses some equally impressive late-night-eats such as, ramen, gyros, crepes, and BBQ. I mean what’s not to love? Oh and, they’re open until 2 a.m. on Thursdays and 3 a.m. Fridays + Saturdays.


On top of being open late, they’re open daily for lunch and have something going on every night of the week.


This Sunday is their Grand Opening Bash so head over and check it out! Aaaaannnnddd let’s be real, McD’s and Jack-in-the-Box aren’t rocking on point garbage cans like these.

What’s IN

Ginger Beer. If you haven’t noticed, it’s everywhere now. The once hard-to-find Moscow Mule is popping up on menus everywhere. I used to think I hated ginger beer, but on a recent tour of Pike Place Market in Seattle we were given samples of Rachel’s Ginger Beer and to my surprise I quite enjoyed it! If you’re in Seattle, be sure to check them out. My favorite flavor by far was blood orange.


When we returned home I immediately hit up Trader Joe’s for their Brewed Ginger Beer and we set about crafting our own Moscow mules.


Ginger beer is so incredibly refreshing and it got me thinking, what other combinations could we could try? Here are our favorite three ginger beer cocktails. Thank you to the amazing bloggers and cocktail crafters who did the leg work for us to save us amateurs from wasting precious ingredients!


Raspberry and Ginger Beer Champagne Cocktail via Perpetually Hungry Blog


5 Ingredient Ginger Beer Margarita via Minimalist Baker


Beacon Mule (Bourbon + Ginger Beer Cocktail) via Nerds with Knives

What’s going ON

[1] Houston Restaurant Weeks – It’s back! Every year we make a point of eating out as much as possible during this month. Why you ask? Because this is your chance to eat at many of Houston’s top restaurants for a fraction of the price, all the while benefitting the Houston Food Bank. Set brunch ($25), lunch ($20) and dinner ($35/45) menus allow you to choose between selected items to create a 3-course meal that is to-die for.  The remainder of the restaurant list will be released on July 31st, but head over to the restaurant list and start making resos at those places you’ve always wanted to try!

  • When: August 1 – September 5, 2016
  • Where: All-over Houston


[2] White Linen Night in The Heights – This is an amazing event that we are so looking forward to! In short, you wear white, you walk around The Heights and enjoy great food, music, drinks, and vendors. Last year we had a blast — maybe excessively — maybe not.

#acolorstory-7 #acolorstory-8 #acolorstory-9

  • When: Saturday, August 6, 2016 from 6pm-10pm
  • Where: The Heights, Houston, TX
  • Cost: FREE to get in
  • Tip: you can BYOB so bring a rolling cooler or heck even a wagon and take advantage!

For all of our lovely readers in YEG, we are going to leave you in the capable hands of The Salty Almond. Athena is the local authority on all things food + drink around these parts. From Duchess Bake Shop to The Marc, she’s got the lowdown for you. If you’re after the best cheesecake in the city or wondering where to eat on a restricted diet, she’s got you covered. She has even have broken down where to find A Good Bloody Caesar in Edmonton — this is sure to be our new YEG Bucket List.


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