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Ever since I was a little girl, Hawaii, and Maui in particular, has been associated with my favorite memories, sights and smells. For his 30th birthday, I wanted to share the magic of this island with Mark. It just so happened that his brother and sister-in-law would be there at the same time as us! This allowed us to share some incredible adventures with them and spend some quality time together, which is such a treat considering we live in different countries. One of our favorite experiences was driving the Road to Hana and taking in all the sights along the way.

Road to Hana. This was something we did on a day when we needed a break from the sun. After a group vote, we decided that the audio CD ‘Secrets of the Road to Hana Maui’ was a must. You can find the CD’s at most gas stations — we found ours in Pa’ia Town.


At Mile Marker 9 the CD will direct you to Ho’okipa Lookout where there is a fruit stand complete with smoothies and freshly baked banana bread.


Mile Marker 15 brings you to Twin Falls. The weather wasn’t the warmest and the falls were quite busy so we just waded in, took a few pics and headed on our way.


At Mile Marker 6, pull over and take in the stunning rainbow eucalyptus trees.


Ho’nomanu Turnout is at Mile Marker 13. There are restrooms there and some great views.


At Mile Marker 17 you’re halfway there! We decided not to stop here as you can’t stop everywhere and finish the drive in one day.


Miles Markers 19-25 bring a bunch more waterfalls and breathtaking views. Have your camera ready!


Mile Marker 27 brings you to Coconut Glen’s Ice Cream Hut — do yourself a favor and stop here. All the “ice cream” is dairy free and made with local ingredients.


At Mile Marker 31, you can turn off the Road to Hana and take in a beautiful black sand beach. Everyone in our crew highly recommends stopping at this point on the tour!


Continue through Hana town and on to Mile Marker 43. This will take you to the Pools at O’he’o — Seven Sacred Pools. Swimming and cliff jumping into these fresh water pools was one of the highlights of our day.


After the pools, there is only one more stop on the official Road to Hana. Many people, including the CD, will tell you turn around and go back the way you came. There are warnings that the road is rough and that you could wreck your rental car. We didn’t listen and we are SO GLAD we didn’t. We kept on driving and took in some of our favorite views of the day.


We didn’t find the road any worse than the one we took on the way there and we encountered far less traffic. As an added bonus, we cruised straight past Maui Wine! We of course stopped in for a taste test and stocked up on a couple bottles for dinner.


Happy Driving!


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