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This past weekend, I was lucky enough to score TWO of these amazing chairs from a local thrift shop. The best part, they were $10 each! I have been hunting for the perfect desk chair for over 3 years so you can imagine my excitement. But here’s the tricky part, I scored two… of course I couldn’t leave one behind — isn’t that the first rule of thrifting?! Now I need to choose a fabric to recover them with, that works with not only my bedroom decor/vibe, but that also jives in whatever other room I choose as a home for the mate.


I want to recover both chairs in the same fabric so that when I decide to pull them out for dinner parties or extra seating, there’s some continuity.

IMG_6434My current workspace in our Master Bedroom. This chair is being quarantined until that nasty fabric becomes beautiful.

Some of my makeover inspiration:

aefe0e570422ced12b2602b8684db965via Pinterest

ecdd0e52ee9126eeac1f3de83adad4f3via Pinterest

eb0f82cefcf6cd258567b7fd07f2c368via Pinterest

f775c4726814dafd5d82186191a78375via Pinterest

78db41608833903702ac74324adf23a7via Pinterest

ce17d69b125fc19081d6b248e000a417via Pinterest

Seeing as the area that needs to be recovered is quite minimal, and for the most part, the seat of the chair will be hidden beneath my desk, I want to be a wee bit adventurous with my fabric choice. I have narrowed the fabric choices down to 12 options so please, help a girl out! What is your top pick for my new Cesca chairs?




Gracias for your help!



8 thoughts on “DIY || Desk Chair Makeover

    1. I am headed to a flea market tomorrow so hopefully they have some cool vintage fabrics. If not, you may be helping me with this little project on your trip!

  1. It’s a toss up between the blue one with the diamonds and the off white with the circles. I’m leaning more towards the off white because of the picture of the ottoman.

    1. I was drawn to the off-white with circles because it totally matches the feel of the rest of my room. Decisions, decisions!

    1. I’m really leaning towards the palms, but worried I’ll get sick of it in a short while. Thanks for the help!

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