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Whether you’re jetting off on a tropical vacation or just getting a jumpstart on your lakeside essentials — I’m breaking down my favorite new swimwear pieces.

The purge that inspired my capsule wardrobe has recently continued and made it’s way to my bathing suit dresser… yes, you read that correctly. Last count put me at 64 separate pieces. I’m not mathematician, but that works out to roughly 2,376 combinations (give or take a bunch). Some pieces had been worn past their prime, others once or twice, and several still had the tags on (sigh). So I took to my favorite new side project, Poshmark. Through this app, I was able to sell almost all of my bikini tops and several bottoms that still sported their tags. Armed with the money from my sales and inspired by hours of browsing Pinterest, I set out to find 6 new pieces that could go from the beaches of Hawaii to poolside in Houston. Here are the pieces I ended up with and I cannot begin to express how happy I am with them all — because a) they actually fit me and b) I no longer feel the guilt over having an entire dresser of bikinis I don’t wear. FREEDOM!

IMG_4812IMG_4945IMG_5207Top – Target $18 USD || Bottoms – Target $15 USD

IMG_5208IMG_4674Top – Simons $25 CAD || Bottoms – Victoria’s Secret $10 CAD

IMG_4912IMG_4671Top – H&M $20 CAD || Bottoms – Target $15 USD

IMG_5111PhotoOne Piece – Simons $40 USD

All of these suits were tested in real life scenarios by yours truly — surfing, boogie boarding, cliff jumping, and sun bathing. They all stayed put.

Happy Leap Day!


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