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Well we cannot forget about our single friends! Valentine’s Day is just as much a single’s day as it is for those people in relationships, they just spend it differently. In fact, spending Valentine’s Day single was always WAY more fun when we were single (sorry husbands). When Amber and I lived together and were single, we would binge watch trashy movies, drink wine, eat our body weight in Mr. Noodles and bacon, and try an at home waxing kit. Now that we are both married, there is the expectation to be all lovey-dovey, and I for one, am not good at romance. [F]

Valentines Day

Wine… all the wine

I’ve been on an French wine kick as of late, therefore my current recommendations would be biased towards cheap French wine with labels I can’t read. So I asked my lovely wine rep friend Stacy to give us a couple recommendations. Go pick up a bottle or seven of the below and show a lady friend some love.


Frescobaldi Toscana 2011 Nipozzano Riserva Chianto Rufina


Santa Julia 2013 Reserva Malbec


Stoneboat Vinyards 2012 Pinot Noir


Sonteboat Vinyards 2013 Pinot Gris


For the Edmonton ladies, may I suggest the gift of Cavern cheese. I recently went to Cavern with my fellow blogger friend Athena (check out The Salty Almond for a review on Cavern), and she introduced me to a whole new cheesy world.

So go get a brick or wheel of some delicious cheese and a bottle of wine (see above), and drop it off to your single friends door. I promise, you cannot go wrong.

How To Be Single – Movie Date

Yes, this may seem like a way of rubbing in that they are single; however, going to this movie WITH your single lady friend and having a girls night is possibly the best way to be a good friend. A girls night is always a perfect gift.


So put some wine in a couple flasks or coffee mugs, go buy a giant bag of M&M’s, and enjoy this seemingly hilarious movie TOGETHER.

Coloring Books

Not your typical trendy “look at me I’m a creative adult” coloring book, but a coloring book of Ryan Gosling… yes. Or how about a coloring book of curses.

May I recommend pairing this with a charitable firefighter calendar and a box of wine.


If you are the single lady reading this and you want some optimal entertainment, check out podcasts The Bitch Bible by Jackie Schimmel or Guys We F**ked. This goes well with a sweatpants and ugly laughing.

the bitch bible


The very best way to give your single friend a valentines day gift, is to not be an a-hole about being in a relationship.

Happy V-Day!


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    1. I totally agree, wine is always the answer to gifting!
      And I’m 100% serious about the ugly laughing and sweatpants; that’s essentially how I live my life listening to podcasts.

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