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Yes, we’ve been absent. Over Christmas, we decided to take an actual holiday from all things and unplug ourselves from the work, blogging, and majority of social media. And it was fantastic! In fact, Amber traveled to Edmonton where we got to spend some time face-to-face rather then over our usual ways of communication.

During this time, it gave us an opportunity to brainstorm some content and get re-focused for 2016! We promise we didn’t forget about you!


What’s OUT

2015 Disorganization; you’re out! It is 2016 and it is time to get organized. I typically am a fairly organized person; however, one of my “New Year Resolutions” is focusing some more energy on making sure I stay organized in as many aspects of my life as possible.

  • Agenda and Notebook – I am a big fan of lists and I tend to use my phone for a lot of this; however, I often forget to check my phone and look at my week in advance. So this year its time to get back to my student days and keep my Kate Spade Agenda and Custom Minted Notebook with me at all times. It’s time to be more efficient with my time and make some priorities.


  • Computer sorting – This is the other area of my life that tends to get a little chaotic. My poor computer is overloaded with pictures, music, projects, school notes, work documents, etc. So I have invested in a good external hard drive by LaCie and I am going to go through my computer and transfer all my unused items off my computer.

Lacievia LaCie Mirror 1TB

  • Purge – I am pretty due for a semi-annual closet purge. This the most daunting tasks for me; organize my clothing, products and accessories. I find the best way to accomplish this is to get a good bottle of wine (or two), your most cut-throat honest friend, and some good music.

What are your tools of getting organized?

What’s IN

Hydration! Being that we are in the thick of winter in Alberta, the dryness is impossible to escape. Aside from the obvious hydration of drinking you adequate amount of water, your skin also needs extra moisture. These are my favorite body moisturizers for your winter scales.

My #1 favorite, Bliss! I recently purchased the Lemon Sage Body Cream, and I am in love! Not only are the scents decadent, but it provides intense moisture and doesn’t irritate my typically sensitive skin.

bliss products_bath body_butters_herovia

I have shown my love for Biotherm a lot in previous blog posts; however, this Beurre Corporel Body Butter is also on my list of favorites. Maximum moisture!


The botanically basted lotions and Oils of Barefoot Venus is a perfect answer for a more natural option. My favorite is the Ginger Snap Massage and Bath Oil, yes it says its for massage and bath, but I use this as a post bath hydration.


What’s going ON

Edmonton Ice Castle – I am sure most Edmontonians have seen pictures of this scrolling through their social media or heard about it some how; that is mainly because IT IS SO COOL! I have yet to go, but I cannot wait to do so.

Ice Castlesvia

The Deets:

  • When: Dec. 30 – March (ish)
  • Time: Closed Tues, Mon to Thurs 3pm – 9pm, Fri 3pm – 10pm, Sat 12pm – 10pm, Sun 12pm – 8pm
  • Where: Hawrelak Park, 9930 Groat Road
  • Price: Kids $12, Adult $18 (Weekday), Kids $15, Adult $20 (Weekend)


What’s OUT

Procrastination. I am a procrastinator by nature and nothing  can motivate me quite like a looming deadline. Take for instance my over indulgence in Christmas treats and our upcoming trip to Hawaii — in LESS than a month. Three days ago I cleaned out the fridge and stocked it with all the beach body essentials, however, my running shoes have yet to touch my feet. So this year, my goal is to stop procrastinating — tomorrow. Hey, baby steps!


A little motivation. 

What’s IN

It seems that everyone I know has a tropical vacation coming up in the next few months and that means it’s time to start collecting our favorite beach essentials.

Get your glow on! Nothing makes me feel more confident or beach ready than already sporting a killer tan. However, fear of skin cancer has left me to seek safer methods of bronzing — enter Bali Body. The Australians have totally nailed the fake tan IMO.


Cacao Tanning Oil – $22.95 USD

Lay around in style. Say good-bye to that old rectangular towel. That is so 2015.

Tulum_deepetched_frontback-955x882_cTulum Towel – $110 USD


Leather Carrier – $39 USD

Top it all off. My three year hunt for the perfect Panama Hat has ended. This hat is a perfect (and classic) way to shade your face from the sun and can seamlessly make the transition from brunch to beach.

58091_XXX_v1World Market – $23 USD



What’s going ON

Rodeo Houston – This is one of my favorite times of year and an even you don’t want to miss! Head over to the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo website to get your tickets today!



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