Reno Update

I haven’t been writing or providing updates on my house renovations that I was oh-so annoying about at the beginning, but I figured I should provide a bit of a break so people didn’t get sick of my obsessive color talk and 1980’s oak frustration. That being said, my husband and I have been busy!

So here’s whats been going on during the last little while…

A LOT of painting – Well the painting started with the formal living room that was initially navy and gold sponge painting; with three coats, we managed to get this room to a lovely white-grey, which I am slowly converting every room in the house too.




Additionally, I removed our lovely serene lake wallpaper border, which somewhat represented the movie Secret Garden and painted over the pale baby blue walls with the same white-grey.


Master Bedroom Before


Master Bedroom After (still work in progress)

Finally, the our 3rd bedroom/office got a fresh coat of the same paint to bring the offensively yellow walls to a much more appealing color.


Office/3rd Bedroom Before


Office/3rd Bedroom After (still a work in progress)

New Bed – I’m not going to go to much into detail about this because I will be writing a DIY Blog Post in the New Year about my fabric headboard and bed frame. But I will say, it has taken me far to long to find a bed, and when I couldn’t find what I wanted, I decided to attempt my own; twas a success!!!


Check back in January to do your own!

Fireplace Update – This was a very contentious issue in our household. All we knew is we wanted/needed to do an update on our fireplace and surround. It initially started out with just wanting to change the traditional looking oak mantel to a tiled wall and leave the wood burning fireplace; however, once we ripped the wall open we realized this was the perfect opportunity to convert the wood burning to a gas insert… so there went our budget. After endless hours of shopping, we finally decided on an insert from Wood & Energy Store. The conversion ended up being pretty seamless and easy, so we figured the hardest part was over. We were wrong.



Next came the discussion on where to hang the TV and how we wanted to run the wires… dare I say this nearly ended in two adults throwing a toddler tantrum in Home Depot. Finally, we decided to run a nice conduit (which was my idea) rather than doing HDMI outlets (husbands idea); I WON! Next was to determine where we were going to hang the TV; this to was a battle. I wanted it center between the top of the fireplace and the ceiling, and my husband wanted it lower for better enjoyment. Of course I want it to be symmetrical and aesthetically pleasing; in the end we found a compromise.




Still during…

Final stage, was actually putting up the tile. I completely underestimated the work it was going to be and assumed we’d have it done in a weekend; so wrong, again. It took us close to 5 days total. The biggest issue was the uneven wall, the lack of straight lines, and the fact that we chose a very challenging large 12’x24′ porcelain tile. Needless to say, we had to do a lot of compensation behind the tile in order to get it looking flush. With the assistance of my mother, step-father, and many opinions, my husband managed to do majority of the wall.


Getting closer…


After – almost done

We love the finished product! And now I need to find new chairs, a rug, light-fixtures, and a coffee table… this will obviously be up for discussion in a later post.

What’s next…

  • Finish painting EVERYTHING
  • Replace the oak railings & spindles
  • Paint all doors & trim
  • New lighting
  • New hardware
  • Window treatments
  • Kitchen & Master bathroom (eventually, in my dreams)

Happy Renoing!

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