Holiday Gift Guide || The ‘Others’

We’ve covered the kids, her, him, the couple, the host, secret Santa, and now.. for the ‘Others’ on your list. Check it out and give us some feedback. What other Gift Guides would you like ideas for?!

Countdown to CHRISTMAS

For the Teacher, Babysitter, or Carers…

Knight’s Cabin Strong Bracelet – We’ve defiantly mentioned our favorite non-profit organization, Knight’s Cabin, a handful of times in previous blogs, and recently they’ve teamed up with Edmonton designer Cara Cotter to release a beautiful bracelet to raise funds for future Knight’s Cabin Cancer Retreats.

Knights Cabin1


The bracelets feature a sterling silver cable chain bracelet and a moonstone gemstone. Each bracelet is $99.00 and 100% of the proceeds from each bracelet go directly to the registered charitable organization.

Knights Cabin Retreat

Why not give back while giving at Christmas! And while you are at it, finish off some other gift giving by making a donation under someone else’s name to put under the tree this year.

For the Hairdresser…

Ipsy Subscription – We’ve mentioned this as previous posts, but we love it! I’ve now purchased this present for 2 people (yes, one of them is my hairstylist) and I have had rave reviews! For a wee $10.00 a month or $110.00 for the year, Ipsy will send your anyone a personalized ‘Glam Bag’ full of quality beauty goodies.




What better way to sample products than through a monthly delivery of treats! And furthermore, you get discounts on the products you sample each month.

For the Co-Worker or Boss…

Edmonton in a Box – For you Edmontonians/Albertans, check this out! It’s literally what it sounds like; ‘Edmonton in a Box’ features unique product made in the City of Champions. Each box is individually filled with everything from craft beer, handmade products, or edible goodies.

Why not support local businesses and artisans, while giving to someone in your business. Each box is randomized (unless otherwise requested) with any of THESE goodies listed.

Use the coupon code15‘ for 15% off at check out.




|1| 3 Item Box – $25.99 |2| 5 Item Box – $45.99 |3| 7 Item Box – $59.99

For the Neighbor…

Pop Chart Lab Prints – So when I stumbled upon this, I instantly thought of about 12 people I could give one of these to. Depending on the persons style or interest, you purchase a print to reflect that. Do they like wine, movies, tools, guitars, apple products, sports, sandwiches? You name it there is probably a flowchart style print to reflect it.




|1| Hand Tools 24″x36″ – $35 |2| Rap Names 18″x24″ – $29 |3| Kitchenware 24″x36″ – $35




|4| Beer 60″x90″ – $90 |5| Dogs 24″x18″ – $29 |6| Hip-Hop Monikers 60″x40″ – $90

Check out their whole website for other gift ideas, including stationary, housewares, and kiddie items.

For the Trainer…

Bulu Box – Yes, ANOTHER subscription. We are big fans of them, obviously. But they are so easy to give, and they just keep giving without you even having to think about it. Bulu Box is essentially a monthly box of healthy discoveries. With everything from vitamins, snacks, accessories, sports nutrition, etc.




So how can you gift it? 3 month for $30, 6 months for $60, 12 months for $110, or the boring old gift card.

For your Favorite Bloggers…

Assuming that is us of course… all we want for Christmas (other than wine), is a little love in return. Share us, like us, talk about us, interact with us; we love hearing from you all.

Happy Holidays!


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