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Never show up empty handed. As someone who hosts my fair share of parties and get-togethers, I can appreciate the work that goes into opening one’s home to others — especially over the holidays. Hours of slaving over Pinterest for the perfect recipes, the grocery shopping, the preparation and the clean-up should not go without notice. Keep those future invites coming with our Host & Hostess Gift Guide. We’ve rounded up a few gifts we’d love to receive that reflect the amount you’ve put your host out. And always remember, if someone asks you to bring wine for the meal, always bring a bottle of them to keep. Wine. Just please, at least always remember the wine.

Countdown to CHRISTMAS

They’re having you for dinner…

It’s a small get-together, but let’s be serious — you got out of cooking dinner for the night and your host is an impeccable cook (or really good at selecting take-out). Show your appreciation for the invite with something thoughtful..

Wine Bag – If you go the extra bottle (or two) of wine route, step up your game and throw that bottle into one of these awesome wine bags!

IMG_2897|1| FaLaLaLa – $4.95  |2| Love the Wine You’re With – $18.50  |3| Rustic Double Wine Carrier – $25  |4| Faux Fur Wine Bag (set of 2) – $13.98


Oil & Vinegar – Almost every major city has a gourmet oil & vinegar shop. Hit up yours and grab a few sample sizes. Not sure which crazy flavors pair well? Ask the sales associate what they suggest and don’t be afraid to try some for yourself while you’re there!




Houston – Olive & Vine


Sriracha Sea Salt & Cookbook – A great hostess gift starts with the thought. Does your host enjoy spicy foods? Do they enjoy experimenting in the kitchen? BINGO. Here’s your perfect gift. Whether you pair these together or give just one, this gift shows you put thought into both the gift and your host. Sriracha Sea Salt Gourmet Finishing Salt,, $8.99 + shipping || The Sriracha Cookbook,, $12 + shipping



They’re hosting a holiday soiree…

“Never Have I Ever…” Card Game – Bring your host a gift that can also double as the evening’s entertainment! A naughtier version of Cards Against Humanity will have you learning all sorts of things about your fellow party-goers — some you’d rather never know… We played this at our annual wine party and it definitely got the conversation going. The fabulous creators of this game have even given us one to give away to a lucky reader!! To enter, head over to our Instagram and follow the instructions! Never Have I Ever,, $25 + shipping

test11 cards22313


Himalayan Salt Tequila Glasses – Be the most memorable guest by bringing the party! Sub out the typical bottle of wine for a bottle of fine tequila and gift your host these Himalayan Sea Salt Glasses. Himalayan Sea Salt Glasses with Bamboo Tray,, $45  || Himalayan Sea Salt Glasses (set of 4),, $28



Champagne Lollipops – Is this real life? Grown-up lollipops made with my favorite beverage? Happy Hanukkah Amber! Show your appreciation by gifting some of these delicious treats. It never hurts to include a bottle of bubbly to boot!

lollipop_champ2Champagne Stars Lollipop,, $4.50/eachIMG_2919Champagne & Strawberry Lollipops,, $32 for 3 boxes of 4 lollipops


They’re putting up with you overnight…

Soma Water Carafe & Pitcher – I want this. I want it, I want it, I want it. This would have me extending your one-night stay to an open invitation. Just saying. This makes the Brita look so early 2000’s. The filters are made with all-natural products like coconut shell. When you sign up for their emails, you will receive free shipping for life and a free filter with the purchase of a carafe. Soma Pitcher,, $39  ||  Soma Carafe,, $49




Marigold & Grey Boxes – Boxes can be designed by you from a selection of hand-curated products or you can choose a carefully pre-designed gift. These gift boxes are nothing short of amazing and would be sure to wow even Martha Stewart herself. Gift Boxes,, start at $39 + free shipping or hand delivery nationwide

IMG_2910Pre-Designed Boxes

marigoldDesign Your Own


Sushi Making Kit – If your hosts are fans of sushi, why not hook them up with a kit that lets them try their own hand at the Japanese art. While you’re at it, grab them some serving dishes so their night in can feel like a night out! Sushi Making Kit,, $19.99 + shipping  ||  Sushi For Two Serving Set,, $48



You’ve essentially moved in for the holidays… 

Cheese Slicer & Cheese-of-the-Month Club –  Who wouldn’t want a tool that can turn all their empties into cups, vases, pendants, planters — the possibilities are endless! The standard kit even comes with sanding pads to smooth out the sharp edges. White Marble Cheese Slicer,, $12.99 


Show your appreciation for the hospitality with a ‘Cheese-of-the-Month’ subscription from a local cheese shop. In Houston we have Houston Dairymaids who offer a 3 Month Subscription and for $165 your host will receive 2 handmade cheeses plus one accompaniment every month! For our readers in Edmonton and Calgary, Janice Beaton Fine Cheese offers a ‘Cheese-of-the-Month Club’ that starts at $330 for 4 months (note: there is an additional charge for out-of-town shipping).



Twist Your Spirits  –  “The cocktail experience.” Are your hosts amateur or even wannabe mixologists? Here is a gift that they are sure to love. All you need to add is the required booze! Each box comes with the ingredients and instructions to make four craft cocktails. This is an excellent way to try one’s hand at the art of mixology without the commitment. If you’re staying for a while chances are they’ll whip one up with you.

csof_1024x1024Chile Spiced Old Fashioned Box, $30

SEDM_OpenBox_Square_DSC07104_ColorTweak_031715_grandeSpeak Easy Dirty Martini Box, $30

KeepCup Voucher  –  With all this recent noise about Starbucks removing the snowflakes from their cups, we decided to feature a cup that is as environmentally friendly as it is unoffensive. Cue the KeepCup. KeepCups are completely customizable and reusable. If you know your host well, surprise them with a cup you know they’ll love. If your host is a bit more picky, for a fixed price voucher of $22 or $38, the recipient can design their own cup and KeepCup will ship it anywhere in the WORLD. Yep you read that right!


$22 Gift Voucher – click here


$38 Gift Voucher – click here

Happy gifting!


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