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Secret Santa, white elephant, Chinese gift exchange… whatever you and yours choose to call it, it’s all the same. Hours of agonizing over finding the gift that is the perfect mix of witty and useful and sticks to your price limit. As per usual, we have your back. Here are our top picks for the most common price points. Some practical, some hilarious, a wild card — and all things we wouldn’t mind receiving ourselves (*hint*hint*).

Countdown to CHRISTMAS

5 dollars

Inflatable Unicorn Horn for Cats – This may run you at a little over $5 — $6.42 to be exact. Worth it? Absolutely. Be sure to print off the reviews and include those with the gift. I’m still crying from reading them. Find the reviews here.



Siracha2Go – So I see these advertised everywhere, and I want one. Badly. Chances are your hot sauce loving Secret Santa is in the same boat. It’s not something you’d ever buy for yourself a.k.a. the PERFECT gift! Keep in mind these come in two sizes, typically in packs of 3, and are shipped empty. What does this mean for you? You buy the bottle of Siracha, order a pack of 3, fill them, gift two and keep one and the still mostly full bottle of hot sauce. Wins all over the place. The bonus, you’ve just knocked out two Secret Santa gifts or acquired some extra stocking stuffers! 3 – 1.69 fl oz bottles,, $15 + shipping || 3 – 1 fl oz bottles,, $12 + shipping



10 dollars

Giant Googly Eyes – These are absolutely perfect for an office gift exchange. The recipient will have a blast deciding where to put them and everyone else will have a good laugh. Just think of the Instagram and Snapchat opportunities! That’s what life is all about these days anyways… Giant Googly Eyes,, $7.60 + shippinggiant_googly_eyes31oLe9ueUwL


Clip-in Man Bun – By now you’ve for sure seen these somewhere on the internet. And if you act quick, you can take advantage of the incredible Groupon offer for $9.99! Like I can’t even right now…



Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal T-Shirt – Oh Home Alone… How we love you. Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal Tee,, $7.99 + shipping



20 dollars 

Wooden Stag Head – Is your Secret Santa an avid hunter? Do they have a kid who would get a kick out of this? A basic city girl like me who just likes all things “outdoorsy” as long as no one’s asking me to actually go outside? Nailed it. Don’t forget to include the cost of shipping! Build Your Own Stag Head,, $13.45 + $5 shipping




Celebrity Prayer Candle – Hahaha these candles speak for themselves. Check out Granny’s Hope Chest for more of these beauties. Celebrity Prayer Candles,, $8.99 + shipping

IMG_2852|1| Saint Bean  |2| Saint Yeezus  |3| Saint Hilary  |4| Saint Oprah

Gold Polaroid Magnets – Useful, beautiful, under $20. Whether on a filing cabinet or a fridge, these frames will most definitely NOT be the white elephant at your gift exchange. If your Secret Santa is a close friend, print a couple pictures to help them start to fill these adorable frames! Gold Polaroid Magnets,, $18.45 + shipping


50 dollars 

Glass Bottle Cutter –  Who wouldn’t want a tool that can turn all their empties into cups, vases, pendants, planters — the possibilities are endless! The standard kit even comes with sanding pads to smooth out the sharp edges. Kinkajou Bottle Cutter – Standard Kit,, $49.99 + shipping




Katie Kutthroat Designs  –  Even the most vulgar statement doesn’t have the same bite in cross-stitch. If you are easily offended I apologize. Check out her Etsy page for even more hilarious (and inappropriate) designs! And maybe think twice about gifting some of these to a co-worker or boss…  

IMG_2866|1| Home is where you poop – $45  |2| Calm Your Tits – $20  |3| Tough Titties – $40  |4| IDFWU – $20


KeepCup Voucher  –  With all this recent noise about Starbucks removing the snowflakes from their cups, we decided to feature a cup that is as environmentally friendly as it is unoffensive. Cue the KeepCup. KeepCups are completely customizable and reusable. If you know your Secret Santa, surprise them with a cup you know they’ll love. If your Secret Santa is a mystery, for a fixed price voucher of $22 or $38, the recipient can design their own cup and KeepCup will ship it anywhere in the WORLD. Yep you read that right!



$22 Gift Voucher – click here


$38 Gift Voucher – click here


Wild Card 

Get Creative! –  Channel your inner Buddy the Elf and consider sending a Christmas gram. Read this wildly entertaining story written by a girl who got creative for her Secret Santa with a $10 limit! Let your imagination run wild and have some fun this Holiday season.

screen shot 2013-12-23 at 11.49.28 am.pngFull Story Here

Happy gifting!


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