Book Club || Month no. 8

16 books down, 8 to go. Here is what we thought about our October novels.

15. A House in the Sky: A Memoir, by Amanda Lindhout & Sara Corbett

A house in the sky

Falynn’s Vote: 4/5     Amber’s Vote: 4/5

Being that this memoir is both written by and about a female from my neck of the woods (Alberta), and it included global traveling, made me really keen on this book from the very beginning. That being said I had a hard time figuring out where this story was going till about 1/2 of the way through the book; but I suppose that’s how memoirs can be considering it is real life rather than for sheer entertainment. Really this book offers a peak into the world of one girl, her travels, and survival. After half way through the book, things got very intense and to be honest… terrifyingly real.

In summary: I would recommend this book to any memoir/travel lover and someone looking for a story of a local Alberta girl. I didn’t absolutely love this book, but it was a good read and kept me captivated for the last 1/3 of the book.


16. The Adderall Diaries: A Memoir, by Stephan Elliot

The Adderall Diaries


Amber’s Vote: 3/5     Falynn’s Vote: 2/5

This book was a hell of confusing for me. Sometimes I had to go back and reread a chapter just to get a handle on what was going down. That being said, I did enjoy the parts that made sense. I love a good murder mystery and the fact that this is real life made that even better. The numerous typos however (were these intentional??) had my type A personality making mental corrections. The author seems a tad on the narcissistic side and quite scattered as he writes.

In summary: Did I love it? No. Did I like it? Sure. Would I recommend you read it? Probably not. Just watch the movie. 



17. The Grownup, by Gillian Flynn


18. After You, by Jojo Moyes


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Happy Reading!


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