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7 Monday’s until Christmas… Instead of leaving your shopping until the last minute, leave the leg work to us. We have spent hours hand-picking the gifts anyone would love to get and you’ll be proud to give. We were even able to hook you up with some excellent promo codes — after all, this time of year can be pricey! Keep your eye out for the discount codes throughout our posts over the next few weeks.

Countdown to CHRISTMAS

For the Jetsetter

For the man in your life that always seems to be going somewhere, why not help him travel in style?

NICE Custom Goods Watch Wallet – Handmade by Tyler at NICE Custom Goods, this is the perfect gift for the jet-setter or watch collector.

watch caseaWatch Wallet – $70


Duluth Pack – These aren’t your ordinary travel packs. We have selected a few of our favorites, but do yourself a favor and visit their website. They have packs for everything from travel, to camping, to hunting. And they come in over ten different colors!


|1| Medium Sportsman Duffel – $325  |2| Boot Duffel – $305  |3| Laptop Scoutmaster Pack – $195  |4| Jet-Setter Duffel Pack – $275

The DIYer

Do you know a handyman? Someone who likes to do it all himself and doesn’t like stopping to read the instructions or bother to turn off the breaker?

Measuring Bracelet Another one of NICE Custom Goods creations, this bracelet serves as both fashion and function. And at $40, you can’t beat the price for something that is handmade and one-of-a-kind!



RYOBI Phone Works – This could pair up for the tech-DIY’r because this is beyond cool. RYOBI, a household name for tools, has come up with the perfect way for your phone to do more than communicate and convert dimensions… it actually turns your smartphone into a useful tool (and I don’t mean for hitting in nail heads). Now you can measure, align, calculate, inspect, level, and locate, with the simple App and adapters.

The Don Draper

For the guy that enjoys sipping the finer things in life, we suggest one or ALL of the following. This is a gift he’ll be sure to enjoy for months to come.

Taster’s Club Subscription – Every month he will receive a 750mL bottle of top notch whiskey right to his door. You choose the subscription length at 3, 6, or 12 months. The bonus of this particular subscription, in my humble opinion, is the fact that every bottle comes with a “Whiskey 101” guide to tasting and enjoying the whiskey. So even if your man friend is just a wannabe scotch and bourbon aficionado, he will quickly learn the art of tasting. Now for the best part — we have partnered with Taster’s Club to get you 10% off the first month of the subscription! Simply enter the code OUTINON10 at checkout. Another bit of incentive, every new member will receive a FREE personalized Glencairn glass. Subscriptions start at just $69/month. For the non-whiskey drinker, checkout the Rum and Tequila subscriptions (promo code also applies).



Personalized Decanter Set – Having learned this one from experience, men love serving their finest liquors from a personalized decanter. It’s a conversation piece and seems to separate them from their college days – so Don Draper was on to something.


|1| Etsy Personalized Decanter Set with Box – from $65  |2| Home Wet Bar Oakmont Custom Decanter Set – $150  |3| Home Wet Bar Single Initial Decanter Set – $99  |4| Pottery Barn Moose Decanter – $103

Whiskey WedgeHelp him say good-bye to watered down whiskey. And getting hit in the face with those crazy whiskey rocks!

whisky-wedgeCrate & Barrel – $17.95

The Techy

We all know one. Show him some love with these two awesome gift ideas from Uncommon Goods!

The Athlete

The Morph Collapsible Foam Roller – This amazing new product will launch on Kickstarter November 11th — so you can confidently give him something he has never had. This foam roller collapses to near flat which allows it to easily be packed into luggage, a work or gym bag, or even just stored at home. There are conversion kits available to turn 2 – 15″ rollers into one 30″ roller, washable sleeves and carrying cases. Needless to say, I’m sold and to all the fitness fanatics on my list, this may be coming to a Christmas tree near you! Until this product launches, you can enter to win $450 worth of gear! There are also a ton of prizes for runners up. ENTER HERE.



HidrateSpark Smart Water Bottle – These babies aren’t even available to the public yet. Pre-order this amazing new water bottle for the health conscious man in your life and he will receive it by the new year! This smart water bottle connects to an app on your phone to ensure you are drinking enough water throughout the day — it even GLOWS when you need to drink more! Act fast as there is a limited quantity. Hydrate bottles are compatible with both Apple and Android and are dishwasher safe.

IMG_2625HidrateSpark Water Bottle – $46.95

The Outdoorsman (a.k.a The Mountain Man)

Whether he’s hunting or hiking, skiing or chopping wood, this guy loves being outdoors. Hook him up with something that speaks to his inner Survivor Man.

U-Thermic Coldscreen – Pre-order now for January delivery!


Mr. GQ

So he subscribes to GQ and his fashion sense is on point. Give him something that shows you have noticed and appreciate the pride he takes in how he looks.

Poppy Barley – These are no ordinary shoes. Poppy Barley are custom shoe designers and makers for the modern man (and woman…). Classic designs, made to fit and form to any foot, leg, or request. Modern day cobbler for the city strutter.

calgarywingtip-tan-outsideThe Calgary Wingtip – $325

edmontonoxford-black-outsideThe Edmonton Oxford – $325

The Tie Bar Style Box – A box of hand-picked accessories that can all be mixed and matched to create several different combinations. Any man of style would be thrilled with a gift as thoughtful as this! And right now, when you place an order, you get a free pair of socks. Winning!

IMG_2726|1| Gray & Purple Style Box – $99  |2| The Red & Navy Style Box – $99  |3| The Green & Navy Style Box – $99  |4| The Azalea & Navy Style Box – $99

The Groomer

The Beard Bib – $30



We featured the Beard King Beard Bib on our Father’s Day Gift Guide and there was an overwhelming positive response so we figured we’d feature it again for anyone who may have missed out! Click here to get the bearded men in your life bibbed and to help their women keep their sanity.

Billy Jealousy Tattoo Care Kit – $30


Tattoo wash, lotion and salve will keep his ink looking sharp. Nobody likes a sad and faded tattoo.

For the All-Around Guy

Bespoke Post Subscription Many of the men in my life, one being my husband, dabble in a bit of all of the above. What better gift for him than something that speaks to all his interests — one month at a time. All boxes are $45 and you can choose how many months you will load to his gift card. If you’re in Canada, make sure to also add the amount for shipping to the gift card.


Happy gifting!


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