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Although a lot of us hate to admit it, but Holiday season is just around the corner. If you are anything like me, Holiday season really means food, wine, family, and a houseful of guests coming and going. From past experiences, I’ve learned there is nothing worse than being unprepared for guests and feeling like you are hiding your pile of laundry in a closet or last minute changing of sheets. So I have made the habit of keeping our guest bedroom and bathroom prepared at all times, especially coming up to November/December/January.

Countdown to CHRISTMAS

Whether you have a last minute crasher that drank too much or you have the whole family visiting, here is what you can do to optimize your guests stay…


No one is perfect, especially when it comes to the bathroom. It seems like there’s nothing you can do to maintain the appearance of your ickiest room. Here is a quick checklist to help you prepare:

  • In case your guest forgot something, stock up! Extra toothbrushes, mouthwash, floss, hair stuff, soap, etc.
  • Make sure you have clean towels that can be easily accessed…
    • Bath towel, Face cloth, and Hair/Hand towel
  • Check out your medicine cabinet, is there anything weird in there you don’t someone to see; you can guarantee all snoopy guests take a peek.
  • Extra potty paper that’s accessible; nobody likes to ask for it mid “doody”.
  • Try to maintain a clean bathroom…
    • Wipe sink, clean toilet, remove hair clumps from shower wall, empty trash, mop floor, get rid of toothpaste off the mirror, etc.
  • Keep some feminine hygiene products in an obvious place that your lady guest can get to without having to ask.
  • Fresh scents are always appreciated.
    • Candle, room spray, air freshener, or fresh flowers.
  • How to really wow your guest:
    • Gather all those hotel items you may have stole over the years and put them in a small basket for your guests to access.
    • Buy two extra robes and slippers when you see them on sale; this will make your guests feel like they are staying at at a luxury hotel.
    • Hair stuff is always appreciated – Hair dryer, products, elastics, etc.


Guest bedrooms tend to be a place that gets neglected and ends up being a storage center. Here is a checklist to help make your spare room feel like your guests are at home or staying in a hotel:

  • Fresh sheets and blanket.
    • I change these immediately after any guests; that way they are always clean in case of an impromptu visitor.
  • Extra blanket near by, just in case its a tad chilly for your guest.
  • Clean up after your previous guests – Vacuum, dust surfaces, make the bed, empty trash, etc.
  • Two sets of pillows on the bed, not just for decor, but people are picky with pillows.
  • Provide a little note or picture that indicates the WiFi password, so they don’t have to late night text you asking for it.
  • Leave some books or magazines on a shelf or bedside; this gives your guest something to do if they are up way before you or in case they are having a sleepless night.
  • Have a bedside table, lamp, and an alarm-clock in the room, just in case they have a ghetto smartphone.
  • How to really wow your guest:
    • If you have an extra phone charger kicking around, put it in the room for them to use in case they forgot their own
    • A snack on the bedside is always a nice (and luxurious) treat; especially if it’s chocolate.
    • Invest in a water carafe with cup, that way they don’t have to go hunting for a cup in the night.
    • Fresh flowers, candle, or a light room freshener (nothing too overwhelming).

Robe | Slippers | Towels | Candle | Sheets | Water Carafe | Blanket | WiFi

Here are a couple dreamy guest bedrooms and bathrooms! Swoon away!













Happy Hosting!


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