Refresh || no. Twenty-Four

Today is Monday. And here at OUTINON we hope we give you something to look forward to on the day that’s furthest from Friday.

Falynn’s Monday Refresh

Typically, I try to remain very neutral in the world of politics and not to have an overwhelming voice in politics; however, without sharing my political views, I do believe today is one of the most important political days in my generations lifetime. It’s voting day; this is a beautiful opportunity to have a silent voice that makes a difference. Whether you are voting Conservative, New Democratic, Liberal, or any other party, voting without fear or reservation is a privilege we have in Canada, and participating is such an important aspect of being a citizen of Canada.


Yes, I am sure everyone is tired of the back-and-fourth of this never-ending campaign, but if nothing else, social media and the 78 days of political opinions have invited what’s suppose to be the biggest turnout of voters, ever. So, if you haven’t done it already, go to Elections Canada to find out how you still can. And if you don’t know what party to vote, check out or to help determine which platforms coincide best with your views.

Sorry to all our non-Canadian friends for this less relevant post; however, for our American friends, you too have an election around the corner, and your presidential election is similarly just as important. So up until November 2016, research, follow, listen, decide and do it… VOTE!


Amber’s Monday Refresh

The last 6 months we went to town refreshing and restocking our collection of sparkling wines thanks to Domaine Chandon and there bi-monthly champagne shipments. But now it is fall, and as the weather cools down (fingers crossed), I find myself craving wine — specifically red wine. Being suckers for the convenience factor of doorstep delivery, we opted to try Club W. I had featured them in a Mother’s Day Gift Guide back in May and decided to put my money where my mouth was. Once I set up a basic profile, I was asked to complete a ‘Flavor Profile’. This asked me questions about flavors I prefer in food, sweet vs. salty, spicy vs. mild, etc. Once I answered these quick questions, they created a tailor-made list of wines I would enjoy. Most bottles were at the $13/bottle price point, but they also had a few pricier options to choose from ($19-40/bottle). All I had to do was choose 6 to qualify for the free shipping and I ended up settling on 10. Then I waited two days and once again frightened my poor delivery man when I opened the door with a resounding “YESSSSSSS!” So what do I think now that I’ve received (and subsequently drank) the first shipment? Let me show you.


Every bottle comes with a “tasting card” that tells you about the wine, what flavors to look for, and when and how to serve it.

Photo-1When: Kicking back and relaxing   How: Chilled

Photo-6When: Backyard BBQ   How: Room temperature

Photo-3When: With spicy food (paired with a recipe from our Thai cooking class and hot wings)   How: Chilled

PhotoWhen: While cooking or appetizing   How: Room temperature

Once you’re finished a bottle, download the Club W app and rate the wine. This will help them make recommendations for your next shipment!


Follow this custom link to receive $13 OFF your first order. That’s essentially a free bottle!

In order to help mask my recent bout of ‘wine mouth’ I have purchased a wine colored lipstick that has been helping hide my problem — until I smile. Next purchase, white strips.


Happy Monday y’all!



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