Wallpaper Week!

In honor of National Wallpaper Week, I figured a re-post from April all about wallpaper would be appropriate.

When I used to think of wallpaper, the first thing that came to mind was the hideous 70’s/80’s pattern where everything matches like Zach Braff in Garden State, or the cheesy themed wallpaper border from the 90’s that was adorned in chickens or floral motifs… this is not the kind of wallpaper I am talking about.



Although, I am not entirely against chickens and floral motifs, just as long as they are done cautiously and properly. But I am talking about the modern, sophisticated, versatile, textured, subtle, unique wall coverings. Wallpaper has made a major comeback and has introduced a new, simple way of decorating. Wallpaper now has the option of being so simple as a paintable texture, or as complex as something that essentially replaces the any artwork for a room.


via Robin Sprong



So what are some things to consider before committing to wallpapering?

  • Where is it going? Are you doing an accent wall, an entire room, a border, a hallway? There are so many products out there it may be hard to choose what you want, so decide on where it is going, what you want the wallpaper to convey, and then start your research.
  • What are the elements of the room? Depending on the use of the room, you may want to consider a more durable product. For example, if the room you are choosing to wallpaper is exposed to a lot of moisture, ensure that the wallpaper products you are using are moisture resistant (most are), or else you will be picking your wallpaper strips off the floor after a short time.
  • How permanent do you want your wallpaper? Consider whether you want a removable product or something more permanent like a paintable product. Believe it or not, you can now wallpaper a rental without it stealing from your damage deposit; thank you decorating gods, where were you when I was renting…? Another option is wall stickers; not the kiddie kind, there are products that can create beautiful patterns on a painted wall.
  • What is your budget? Wallpaper can be very expensive; it can also be a more affordable option depending on where you purchase from and what you are looking for.
  • How/who is installing it? If you are a first time wallpaperer, you may want to steer clear of the intense pattern that requires you to be a puzzle master in order to make the lines match on every strip. That being said, most wallpaper is easy to install, and almost anyone can do it with a little time and patience (and maybe an extra hand or two). If you are dead-set against doing it yourself, there are plenty of hardware stores or suppliers that do, or can recommend someone to do the install for you (at a price of course).


via Chasing Paper

Now what…? It’s time to find that fabulous wallpaper. You can find wallpaper at almost any store that sells paint (Home Depot, Rona, Lowes, WalMart), but their options may be limited. Here are some suppliers to check out:

  • Crown Wallpaper & Fabrics – This Canadian company supplies limitless sustainable options; if you are looking for something specific, they probably have it.


via Crown Wallpaper

  • Walnut Wallpaper – Their mission states “provide you with the best new wallpaper designs as well as interesting vintage offerings” and that is exactly what they do. So many options!
  • All Modern: Wallpaper – TONS of different suppliers, all with modern designs to stay true to the most current trends.
  • Chasing Paper – Removable wallpaper that requires nothing more than just the paper; peel and stick! A renters dream!


via Chasing Paper

  • Chic Shelf Paper – Cut-to-size contact paper and has hundreds of options; these products are made in the USA and the company proudly boast the high-quality and easy, repositionable installation.
  • Robin Sprong – A South African designer that features crazy concept patterns, murals, and realistic wall textures. Do you want brick, concrete, or a wood wall; this is your supplier.
  • Cole & Son – Whimsical, sophisticated, and hella cool! Offering both modern trends and traditional designs.


via Cole & Son

  • Panyl – Self-adhesive, DIY furniture covering… YES, FURNITURE! This may not be “wall”paper; however, it falls into the same category for me. You can cover cabinets, case goods, etc. Also, they sell coverings that are specifically made for IKEA products.
  • Etsy – If you can’t find what you are looking for from online retailers, try Etsy. There are SO many wallpaper sellers and you are sure to find something truly unique.
  • Ellie Cashman Designs – FLORAL! That’s all she does, and she does it SO well.


via Ellie Cashman Designs

  • Colorable Wallpaper – How to inspire your wee ones (or yourself), create the worst habits and let them color on the walls. Seriously, this exists!
  • Urban Wall Decals – Wall stickers to create your own patterns on that painted wall.


via Urban Wall Decals

Well that should get your research started. Now, go live on the edge and wallpaper a wall!

Happy decorating!


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