Refresh || no. Twenty-Three

Happy Monday and Happy October! We are deep into pumpkin season and this means a change of weather and ipso facto, a change of skin care regime.

Amber’s Monday Refresh

I am creeping up on the big 2-9 and this has motivated me to take my skin (and the care of it) more seriously. The change in weather has made my skin feel drier and thus the forehead wrinkles that I do have are much more apparent. Enter face masks. I have always looked at face masks as a “girl’s night”/special occasion sort of thing, but I have recently changed my tune. My last trip to Sephora had me loading up on one time use masks that claim to fix a plethora of problems. From anti-aging to anti-blemish to just plain hydrating, there is literally a mask for everything. But now the age old question: do they work? Here are the masks I have tried so far and my thoughts.

IMG_2059Waiting out my Dr. Jart+ Wrinkless Solution face mask…

  • Sephora Collection Sleeping Masks — best part, you follow your normal bedtime routine, but instead of your nighttime moisturizer, you apply the mask to your face and neck and hit the sheets. When you wake up, follow your usual morning routine. I have tried 2 of the 8 masks and I noticed a HUGE difference in my skin. Best part, the effects lasted well into day 3. The two masks I have used were the Pomegranate: anti-fatigue & energizing and the Pearl: perfecting & brightening. At $4 a mask, you’d be crazy not to find out for yourself!


  • Sephora Collection Face Mask — these masks are natural fiber sheet masks that you simply unfold and apply to your face for 15 minutes. When you remove them you just work any excess product into your skin and voila! And right now there’s a promotion at that will get you a free mask when you buy 4! Simply enter the promo code MASKLOVE (in the U.S.) and SCMASK (in Canada) at checkout. These bad boys run you at $6/mask in the U.S. and $8 mask in Canada.


  • Dr Jart+ — these masks also come in sheet form, and seeing as it’s almost halloween, what better way to scare your roomie or significant other… Dr. Jart+ is not messing around. These masks are the needle-phobe’s answer to botox – or as near to botox as I will get. And the price seems a heck of a lot better too ($7-10/mask). So far I have only tried the “Wrinkless Solution” mask and after 40 minutes, I found the effects astonishing. Again, with prices like these I recommend trying one out for yourself, but I for one was amazed as I went in with very low expectations.


  • Glam Glow — this is a mask I have used for the last few years. I tend to use it sparingly as I find it dries out my skin when I use it on my entire face. That being said, if I start to notice a little gang of blackheads making themselves at home, I love to use it as a spot treatment. It’s expensive, but I find a jar lasts me quite a long time which makes this a worthwhile investment. I have only ever used the white jar (Clearing Treatment) so I can not speak to the others. If you go into Sephora and tell them you are interested in the masks, they will give you a small sample of each so you can find out which best suits your skincare needs.


Happy Masking!



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