Fall Fashion File || Outerwear

Needless to say, I am OBSESSING over the compilation of fall fashion. Going the route of the capsule wardrobe has allowed me to approach this new season guilt free as I no longer have clothes I don’t wear. Armed with the list of items I need in my phone, my extensive ‘Fall/Winter Capsule’ Pinterest board, and several empty hangers — I am ready to add some key pieces to my closet. My current focus: outerwear. This season we’re seeing several trends in this department from menswear, to pastels and shearling. Here are a few of the pieces I’ve been eyeing.









As far as these pieces go, I have a HUGE decision and a lot of shopping ahead of me. But hey, I’ll take any excuse to spend a day trying on clothes and dreaming of Fall. The second part is a bit difficult seeing as our current weather here in Texas is a steamy 90/35 degrees.

Happy shopping!


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