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In honor of the first day of Autumn, we decided to make all things Fall the focus of this week’s OUTINON.


What’s OUT

There’s an age old saying “don’t wear white after Labor Day.” Well I am here to tell you that mantra is old – nay, OUT (insert addicting Silento lyrics here: nae nae). This fall, I plan to fully ignore the “white” myths and instead rock it at every opportunity. Remind me to never leave home without my Tide-To-Go pen. Here are a few of my favourite ways to bring your whites into fall.

|1| Go all out. Go big or go home they say — so I say go all white (or cream). The best part of this “all in” look is it requires very little planning and plenty of layering. Pair your favourite white or off-white bottoms with a cream sweater and scarf for a look that will have you avoiding condiments, but looking nothing short of chic.




|2| Half-and-half. Where your lighter side meets your dark side. Bring your whites into fall and winter by pairing them with your new bell bottoms (wink wink), your favorite plaid, or over-the-knee boots.




|3| A little here, a little there. Don’t be shy to bring white into your everyday wardrobe in little pops as well! Here are a few of my must-have pieces for this season.


1. Fringe-Trimmed Sweater Vest – Dex $70  2. Polo Neck Sweater – Zara $30  3. Skinny Jeans – American Eagle $45  4. Beanie – Zara $10  5. Essie Polish – Blanc $9  6. Watch – Marc Jacobs $125  7. Sneakers – Adidas $100  8. Scarf – Old Navy $16

What’s IN

Bell Bottoms — trust me never did I think I would utter (or type) those words again. But alas, the denim of the 70’s has made a comeback and I am jumping on the bandwagon. So what makes this trend one you should be onboard with? First of all, your skinny jeans need a much deserved vacation. Secondly, this style is flattering across all body types and will pair amazingly with all your fall knits and oversized sweaters.


Get this denim look HERE.


Get this denim look HERE.


Get this look HERE.


Shop this denim look HERE.


Get this look HERE.

What’s going ON

|1| Houston Whatever Fest – This music festival will feature 5 stages, numerous bands (Metric, Ghostland Observatory, GWAR, and so on…), and even better, it is located in the heart of my favorite Houston neighborhood — EaDo.

  • When: November 21 & 22, 2015
  • Where: 813 St. Emanuel St. Houston, TX 77003
  • How much: Tickets start at just $55 for a 2-day pass! Click here to get yours.

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 8.15.48 PMFor more info & updates visit the HWF Instagram (@houstonwhateverfest)

|2| Los Angeles! In a few short days, the husband and I are taking off to the city of angels to take in some surf, sand and rock-n-roll. I will be blowing up your Instagram with our adventures and pics of AC/DC live in concert. If you have snapchat, don’t mind constant updates, and enjoy the occasional laugh, feel free to follow me @ehdeedub!


What’s OUT

PSL, yes most of us look forward to the annual Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte ‘season’, but I am going to boldly state that it is time the traditional PSL is out. I’m not saying I am giving up on it and doing anything ridiculous like boycotting it, but in place of the PSL, here are a couple other delicious fall beverages that will bring just as much warm and coziness as the oldie.

First, I have a confession, I actually don’t like sweet coffee beverages (including the PSL), I believe coffee has one duty and that is to swiftly kick me with a comforting jolt of caffeine; however, on a few occasions, I want my caloric intake in liquid form and opt for a seasonal treat. So what on earth could ever replace the Starbucks PSL??


Americano Misto – One of my longtime favorites! Basically it’s a watered down version of a latte and more espresso. For me this is the balance between my black coffee and a sweet treat. Just add 1 pump of flavored syrup and you have yourself a stronger, less sweet version of the classic seasonal coffee beverage.This is my usual ‘sweet’ order — Grande, non-fat, 1 pump Cinnamon Dolce, Americano Misto.

Toasted Graham Latte –  What’s this? You haven’t heard? Another seasonal Starbucks treat. Amber recently informed me of this and I might be in love. The Toasted Graham latte is pretty much how it sounds, sorta like a s’more but different. Yes, my version of the ‘latte’ is not how Starbucks typically offers it, I water mine down and get 1/4 of the sweetness… but either way. It’s a deeeelicious treat!

Starbucks Graham Latte


Chai Tea–  It’s spicy, warm, and soothing. A classic chai tea is a delight! If you are from the Edmonton area, the most infamous chai tea would be from Remedy Cafe, and they do it sooo well! Also, if you haven’t tried it, order a chai tea with coconut milk, it will instantly become a front runner for you hot treat selection.

Other Tea Latte – Most coffee shops have some sort of a twist on a ‘Tea Latte’. One of the most popular is the London Fog, which for those of you who don’t know it is Earl Grey tea, water, milk, and vanilla flavoring. Also a classic treat. If you want to get creative and cut out the caffeine, try this at Starbucks concoction — Grande, non-fat, 1/2 sweet White Mocha, Peppermint Tea misto.


Another tasty fall beverage using flavored honey, check out THIS previous blog post by Amber.

What’s IN

Anyone who knows me, knows I love me some plaid, and I am so happy that this is an acceptable Fall fashion trend. So here are a couple of my favorite plaid finds.

Ways to wear it?

  • Shirt with an oversized vest
  • Chunky Scarf
  • Shirt tied around sweater dress.
  • Bags or accessories
  • Wool Jacket

What’s going ON

There are so many awesome things to do in Edmonton and area this month, everything from pumpkin picking, concerts, street markets, and fundraisers. But one things I will be doing this weekend is Knight of Yoga – I wrote about this on Monday (check it out HERE), but basically this is a Yoga-thon to raise money for Knight’s Cabin charity.


So what is Knight’s Cabin? “It’s a Cancer Retreats was created to be a catalyst for positive health behavior change. We host weekend retreats where we teach patients the research-based information about health an behavior they can control – nutrition, exercise, sleep & stress management. We integrate behavior change to improve their chance of success. This is done in a supportive community of other people with cancer.” — About, Knight’s Cabin

The deets:

  • When? Saturday, September 26, 2015
  • Time? 2:00 pm – 6:00 pm
  • Where? Athletes Nation, St. Albert, AB (125 Carleton Dr., #107)

How to participate? Register HERE, and raise $100, show up, bring a yoga mat, and get a tax receipt. That’s it.


Hope to see you there! Let’s get bendy.


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