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Packing. Lately I’ve been doing really well with this (if I do say so myself). I’ve found the secret is… Drumroll please… Polyvore. This handy little app has made packing and subsequently dressing myself a breeze.

Here are a couple of my sample packing lists from previous trips.

*Hint: when creating these lists, I tend to just look for the item that is closest to the one I own as you could spend all day finding exact matches.

TRIP 1 (checked bag):

image image image

Some trips I plan a specific outfit for each day, but longer trips I like to have flexibility to “improvise” based on weather and my mood.

TRIP 2 (carry-on):

image image

This list was for our Atlantic Canada trip in July and space in the rental car was limited so we could only bring carry-ons. I needed to make sure my outfits reused many of the same elements and that I had enough clothes to cover all types of weather we would encounter. This list killed it in my opinion and I have reused many of these outfits on other trips!

For details on the individual items seen here, download the polyvore app and follow my account ehdeeen!

Happy Packing!


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