Anniversary Special || Falynn

Yes, Amber just did a feature on her wedding in the middle of July, and yes, we did get married 5 weeks apart. It’s been a whirlwind year of marriage, with 2 moves, a blog launch, lots of travel, and so many more happy moments! So, I too will share a couple photos and memories from my wedding last summer.

We had our wedding in our front yard at our acreage we were living at last summer. I didn’t emphasize too much on the details because we invested so much into the most amazing food (Smokehouse BBQ), bonfire, open bar, twinkle lights, and the most outstanding DJ (Newly Sound)! We wanted a wedding that was low key, laid back, and endlessly fun… and that’s exactly what it was

The details


(There was a bee)

The Bridal Party


(traditional Ukrainian wedding cake)

(First dance was obviously a 2-step)

(Father daughter-father dance)

Happy Anniversary to us!


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