Refresh || no. Twenty

It is the 33rd Monday of 2015, which means we only have 19 more Monday’s till 2016! Considering Amber is cliff jumping today.. yah, cliff jumping… It’s just me again! And today, like most days, I am obsessing about what I know best, Décor; more specifically, Refreshing my dining room.

Falynn’s Monday Refresh

So this past weekend, I spent the entire time painting my previously navy and gold rooms, to a lovely white/grey! After sanding, prepping, and 3 coats on 1000 sq.ft., my living room/ dining room is now transformed! And now that I’ve upped the game in that room, I think I need to Refresh my dining room furniture and décor!

Here is a glimpse of before, and after (forgive the mess, we are still unpacking).







Painting the walls made the room instantly look so much brighter; however, it did bring out the true color of the ceiling and trim, which is what we labeled as “Gross Nicotine” color. So that instantly made it to the top of the list of things to do.

So here is what I am thinking for the Dining room…?

Dining Room

Light | Dining Chair | Dining Table | Tree Art | Rug | What’s in the Glass?

Sorry about all the design posts from me… summer isn’t my fashion season and I am currently obsessed with all the projects at my new house! I promise in the Fall I will get back on the fashion and lifestyle train, until then, deal with the décor! fs2

Amber’s Monday Refresh

I would assume Amber’s Refresh would be her pants, considering she is cliff jumping today!


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