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Summer is far from over here in Texas and to me summer is synonymous with road trips. This could be due largely in part to the fact that I grew up in a place where winter road trips are not exactly the safest option (read: QE2 during a snowfall). There is just something perfect about driving through new places, enjoying a coffee and spending time with people you love. Road trips have also become more appealing with the addition of our canine family member. Driving means Ella gets to come along, and watching her float the river in her own inner tube or swim in the ocean brings me joy (yeah, I’m a crazy dog mom). All of this to say, here are some of my road trip essentials!

[1] Audio Books. You haven’t done a road trip correctly if you haven’t listened to an audiobook. Our last road trip (to Tampa, FL) was roughly 16 hours in the car and we didn’t want to stop driving! We leave for a mini road trip on Monday and have downloaded two books via Kindle Unlimited and Audible and we’re dying to start them now!



As far as the second book choice, I’m a good wife.

[2] Beach Supplies. If you’re anything like me, the end goal of everything summer related is to wind up in and around a body of water. Whether this means floating the river, a day of boating and water sports, a local Texas watering hole, or just any old pool, BE PREPARED! We never leave home without the following:

  • beach mat and/or blanket
  • tubes, skim board, body board, etc.
  • air pump (cigarette lighter compatible)
  • towels
  • lawn chairs



The beauty of driving is you don’t have to pack light. So don’t.


[3] Coffee. I’m not talking about the traditional Starbucks stop at the beginning of every good road trip (never give that up). I’m suggesting you get serious about caffeinating on the go. For our last trip we packed a cooler full of cold brew and Mootopia (check out this post for the recipe!). This turned out to be a life saver (and money saver) and if I’m honest, I often prefer MooBrew to Starbucks (gasp… I said it). Whenever we stopped for gas I quickly whipped up a few coffee beverages and we were back on the road.



[4] Selfie Stick. Why wouldn’t you want awesome pictures of the entire gang?! Plus they’re great for all those sights you stop at along the way. shopping


[5] Comfortable Clothing. This might seem like a no-brainer, but I am constantly finding that what I thought was comfy is now riding up, pinching, rubbing or constricting after sitting for hours on end. Here are a couple of my clothing guidelines.

  • Choose a sports bra. This prevents all those metal parts from chaffing and rubbing.
  • A loose fitting shirt. This does NOT have to mean you choose your oldest and largest “free giveaway” shirt from that beer fest thing you went to once or that college you attended 5+ years ago. I’m talking about loose fitting in a flowy, off-the-shoulder kind of way. Paired with a cute sports bra you’re making a statement and hiding that inevitable “I just sat for ten hours” bloat.
  • Proper bottoms. I hesitate to make a sweeping suggestion because everyone is different and this is where you can make or break your road trip outfit. I for one always opt for a looser pair of denim cutoffs (when its hot) and my faux leather leggings (when its cooler). When I say looser, I don’t mean “dumpy butt” loose. After all, I do plan on walking around in public.
  • Converse, a cute pair of sandals, or fun slip-ons. Comfort isn’t the main focus here as I’m assuming they’re off for the duration of the trip.


Happy trails!



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