Book Club || Month no. 5

10 books down, 14 to go. Here is what we though about July’s novels.

9. All The Light We Cannot See, by Anthony Doerr









Falynn’s Vote: 4/5     Amber’s Vote: 4/5

The story takes place throughout France in 1934, and jumps between the characters of two children, Marie Laure Leblanc, a young bling girl, and Werner Pfenning, a young German boy with deep knowledge of electronics. Within these two stories, each character is faced with challenges of the war and overcoming personal obstacles. Doerr does a great job of reflecting survival and optimism in these two children who find each other at a time of unrest and war in France.

In summary: I liked it, however, it is a long book which made for a lot of reading with both of this month’s books AND moving. So maybe if I had more time to sit, read, and get fully wrapped up in the novel, I might have enjoyed it more. Either way, it was a great book with a beautiful storyline. I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a captivating novel full of history.


10. The Driftless Area, by Tom Drury









Amber’s Vote: 3/5     Falynn’s Vote: 4/5

I know I choose these books, but I try not to read too much about them beforehand. I like to be surprised! However, this book was not what I expected. At all. This is a short novel in terms of page length and I was able to read it all in one airplane ride. It was expertly written and I was most definitely surprised by where the story headed. The character development was excellent and the descriptions and word-choices leave you with a vivd picture of the main characters and their situations.

In summary:  If you can read with an open mind and accept endings that are not believable, then I would recommend this book. If you like everything wrapped up in a tidy package, this may not be the book for you. 



11. The Heiresses, by Sarah Shepard

The heiresses

12. Beautiful Ruins, by Jess Walter

beautiful ruins 

For a list of upcoming books, check out the Book Club Challenge page!

Happy Reading!


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