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Some of you readers may have gathered from previous posts and pictures, but my husband and I (Falynn) recently purchased a new home and tomorrow is the possession day!!!! Although it breaks my heart that we are moving from our acreage life into the city, I am SO excited to have a new place to make our own. My husband might not share the same excitement as me on the design and renovation side. (Feature image via)

bedroom feature


[1] Bed – JCPenny [2] Ottoman – Room&Board [3] Nightstand – Target [4] Ceiling Lamp – Zinc Door
[5] Desk Lamp – Amazon [6] Hermes Blanket [7] “Heck Yes” – Urban Outfitters [8] “His” “Hers” [9] Eames Rocker

Needless to say, I have been obsessing over new colors, textiles, design, fixtures, etc! My most recent obsession is our master bedroom. I for one am a huge fan of either airy white modern finishes or the complete opposite with dark industrial finishes. So I think, in order to accommodate both my husband and I, my aim is to incorporate both those finishes to make, what I am calling my “Industrial Feminine” bedroom!

Some of my inspirations are…


Bedroom 1 via


Bedroom 2 via


Bedroom 3 via


Bedroom 4 via

Let me know what you think; we won’t be tackling this room till some of the main spaces are finished, so I have some time to continue obsessing and convincing my husband!

Happy obsessing!


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