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For all you Edmonton folk, it’s that time of year again where you can get the greasiest of food, and then enjoy the wildest of rides right after (everything you mama told you NOT to do). It’s K-Days in Edmonton!


The details:

  • When: July 17 – July 26
  • Time: 12 pm – 12 am daily
  • Where: Northlands, 7515 118 Ave
  • Admission: Kids = Free!, Youth $12, Adult $16, Senior $9

And yes, today might be the rainiest day we will have all year, but rain or shine, it’s happening today (actually the parade already happened)! Truthfully, I am not a fan of the rides; however, I am a fan of the food and music that K-Days always supplies, and this year these are not in short supply.


I like to think I have a mature (or well used) taste palette, and being a self-proclaimed foodie, I am obviously most excited for new and cool food trends. And as it happens every year, there is the competition for the craziest (yet yummy) food!


This years line up includes:

  • Montreal Smoked Meat – a traditional favorite to the extreme
  • Crazy Cone – a hallow corn tube filled with ice cream
  • Glazed Donut Grilled Cheese – self explanatory (I’m drooling)
  • Lobster Corn Dog – a lobster sausage… WHAT??
  • Screamers – slushie and soft ice cream combined
  • Dessert Fries – poutine, meet your new topping, Nutella.
  • Root Beer Ice Pop – stick food, my fav
  • Red Velvet Mini-Donut – the classiest mini-donuts ever, with icing!
  • Mojito Lemonade Pop – the ultimate summer cocktail (on a stick!!)
  • Maple Bacon Box – ramen, maple, AND bacon
  • Donut Corndog – dinner & desert
  • Blooming Carmel Apple – a new twist on the candy apple
  • Blue Lagoon – classic ice cone favorite
  • Mini-Donnut Pop – stick food & mini-donut. 10 please!
  • Footlong Pizza Dog – yes, exactly what you’re thinking

You can check out all these on the K-Days website (here), and even better, go try them AT K-Days and vote for your favorite.


My second favorite part of any festival (next to the food) is the music! Not only the great headliners from all over the cotenant, but mainly for the new and emerging local talent that graces the stage. This is an amazing opportunity for these talents to get some exposure and teach us how music is really made.


Local digs on the north stage include:

  • Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, July 17
  • July 18
    • Rellik
    • Sarah Smith
    • Pepperland
  • July 19
    • Olivia Wik
    • Sister Gray
    • The Dungarees
  • Olivia Rose, July 20
  • Gibson Block, July 21
  • The Red Cannons, July 22
  • Grown Up Avenger Stuff, July 23
  • July 24
    • Mandy McMillan
    • Van Funk
    • Five on the Side
  • July 25
    • The Mankind
    • Six String Loaded
    • Heather McKenzie Band
  • Oil City Sound Machine, July 26

Headliners on the south stage include:

For more details, check out the K-Days website (here)! Now, go support your local artists!

Happy K-Days


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