Refresh || no. Sixteen

Happy Monday! Today we are going to Refresh your windows and your wine collection.

Falynn’s Monday Refresh

Curtains, Drapes & Window Coverings.

Obviously I am still obsessing over my new house and we don’t even have possession yet. But it has inspired me to talk about Refreshing my (future) windows.

Without having to renovate, paint, or make drastic changes to a space, adding curtains can make enough of a difference in a room to make it seem fresh and new. It is also a great way to add texture and color to a room if you’re too scared to incorporate color on more permanent investments.

Considering our new house is covered in oak wood, warm tones, and brass, I intend to paint majority of the walls off-white and/or grey to lighten up the space and add some coolness to tone down the overwhelming orange/red. My way of adding detail will be in the curtains.

So where do you go to buy some curtains. Anywhere really! But here are a few of my favs:

Pottery Barn’s window game is hot! They have a mix between elegant, classic, modern, and simple. My personal favorite, the Belgian Linen Collection.

Crate&Barrel is pretty consistant with everything they do, and that includes their curtain options. Bold textures and patterns, or the simplest in design.

West Elm not only has great sales online, but also has a large selection of solid and modern curtains at a great price.

All Modern. I’ve mentioned this site before for other items, and I will admit it is one of my favorite furniture and décor websites to peruse on the regular.

And one of my absolute favorites, Antrhopologie! Not only do they have delightful clothing, but they have overwhelmingly amazing home décor and textiles.

Some other notable mentions…


Ikea – Gulsporre


Peir1 Imports – Ruffled Bliss Curtain


Target – Mudhut Suzani Vine

Happy Decorating!


Amber’s Monday Refresh

Today I am going to help you Refresh your summer wine collection! How you ask? By introducing you to my favorite summer wine: ROSÈ! There is an outdated notion that rosè is not a “real wine” and that only college girls and people with no taste would choose this over red. I’m here to say, stop being a snob.

tumblr_static_18z946cax90gkcgoc4wcwok4gvia Yes Way Rosè

Schmidt from New Girl is quoted saying, “It might as well be [bathwater], it’s rosè” but this is simply not true: unless you take baths in ice cold, delicious, fruity goodness. Then it is absolutely true. My kind of bath!


The New York Times recently featured an article all about rosè. “The world loves rosè in summer. And why not? It’s pretty, refreshing and carefree in the best possible way.”


So why not bring a nice cold bottle of rosè to your next BBQ or pool party and see how fast it goes? It is the latest trend in wine and I don’t see this trend ending anytime soon. Save the reds and dry whites for your dinner parties and let the rosè shine at your next summer soiree. Plus, there’s nothing quite like pulling a magnum of pink out of a cooler of ice and passing it around. Or if you prefer not to have glass around your pool, or you just have really thirsty friends, why not substitute the bottle for a box?! You can keep the (3L) box in the fridge and treat yourself to a glass of chilled goodness whenever the mood strikes.


As for pairing with food, Peter Eastlake, a sommelier from Houston, TX says “rosè can hang with either a steak or a salad” and far be it from me to argue with a pro! He also warns not to let the wine get “too, too cold”, but in this Texas heat I don’t foresee that being an issue.

Top 3 Rosès According to Moi:

  1. Charles & Charles Rosè 2014 – available at Costco for $9.99FullSizeRender-3
  2. Les Portes des Bordeaux Bordeaux Rosè 2014 – available at Trader Joe’s for $7.99
  3. Domaine de Fonsainte Gris de Gris 2014 – available at Houston Wine Merchant for $19.99

But don’t take my word for it, here are what the experts (and Buzzfeed) are saying about pink wine!

Or if you just want to show your undying love for all things Rosè, head over to Yes Way Rosè (where they affectionately refer to it as #summerwater) and grab one (or all) of these fabulous items!


Happy Sipping!



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