Anniversary Special || Amber

In honor of our one year wedding anniversary, I thought it would be appropriate to share a few photo highlights from our nuptials. We had a bit of a non-traditional wedding in the sense that we actually got married in the morning and served a brunch! I am still beyond thrilled that we went this route and wish I had my own full serve “Starbucks” coffee bar & talented omelette chefs at my disposal every morning. Hey, a girl can dream!

DSC06237 My something “Choo” DSC06194 My Gorgeous LadiesDSC06544 DSC06587 DSC06688 DSC06931Dresses by Tory Burch and Alice & Olivia
DSC06929 DSC06990 DSC07206 DSC07244 DSC07349IMG_2379 DSC07537[A] & [F]IMG_2380 DSC07561DSC07620 DSC07664 DSC07738IMG_2378 DSC07869Omelette BarDSC07994 Bride & Groom’s “Cakes”IMG_4088

All of our photos were taken by the lovely and talented Alicia of Moon Lake Media. Our delicious brunch was provided by NAK’s Bistro & Catering. My make-up was impeccably done by Pamela Parker Cosmetics.


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  1. How beautiful to relive this gorgeous event! I loved it and it couldn’t have been a more perfect day. I look forward to seeing you both soon! And thanks for your book suggestions – I read a lot and ordered Paper Town and The Glass Castle based on your recommendation! Happy Anniversary to you!

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