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What’s OUT

So last night, via Facetime, Amber, our lovely friend Samantha, her new baby Matthew, and I decided to annihilate my overstuffed closet and throw OUT all the random crap I have been hanging on to for no reason. I was in desperate need of some clothing, shoes, accessories, and makeup purging. So that’s exactly what we did!


This was a big OUT for me and a much need one before starting the daunting task of packing and moving.

Lucky for Miss Samantha, she inherited some lovely items for herself that have grown tiresome in my closet. In the words of the Grinch, “One man’s toxic waste, is another man’s potpourri”.

What’s IN

Billowy summer scarves! Yes, you may not think of scarves for the summer, but for me, they are my go-to rather than hauling around a bulky sweater or jacket. Not to mention summer scarves are a perfect way to add color and texture to an outfit! Here are a few of my favorites:


(similar) – Nordstrom Rack

Some other dreamy summer scarves…


|1| Echo – Nordstrom |2| JCrew – The Outnet |3| John Lewis |4| JCrew
|5| Alexander McQueen |6| Franco Ferrari – Calypso |7| Kate Spade – Zappos

What’s going ON

What isn’t going ON in Edmonton and area in the summer! There is a reason we are labeled “Festival City”! So I am going to name a few things that are going ON over the next couple weeks:

The Works Art & Design Festival – This is a super cool event; 1 square km of Edmonton’s downtown is transformed into over 260 impromptu exhibits and galleries between June 10 – July 1. Not to mention it is entirely free to the public.


Seven Music Fest – A brand new new music festival on July 4, in St. Albert at Seven Hills. This is the first year for this event and will be hosting 7 bands, and numerous vendors, artists, and food options. Sadly, I am away this weekend, otherwise I would be taking in the likes of Scenic Route to Alaska, Jeff Stuart & the Hearts, Tupelo Honey, Daniel Wesley, Jack Semple, and Sam Roberts Band.h-8CShCr

Canada Day celebrations – 148th birthday for Canada on Wednesday, July 1! And what better way to spend it than having the day off work! Hollllaaa! There is always a ton of options on how to spend your Canada Day in our lovely city, and most of them are free. Check these ones out:

canada day

via Explore Edmonton

Also, Edmonton International Jazz Festival is still running till June 28 (I went, I saw, I listened, I LOVED it!), and Women’s FIFA is still going strong till July 4, with some exciting games coming up!


What’s OUT

Impulse Purchases! A little background on Amber’s closet for anyone who doesn’t know me, it’s packed. I’ve had to hang extra bars, take over other rooms, and even add a second dresser. One of the number one culprits, impulse purchases because:

a. It was on sale (so I made money right?!)

b. I had an event and had “nothing to wear”

c. It’s a ________________ and you can never have to many of those!

d. It’s a trend and I’ll totally wear it for one season and then toss it (newsflash: no you won’t)

And if you’re judging me, shame on you. I know you’ve done it! The issue with impulse purchases is that a lot of times, because you don’t need said purchase to hold a valuable or “staple” spot in your day-to-day wardrobe, you often settle on it not fitting quite right or being of poor quality (the dreaded one wear/one wash t-shirt). In order to combat the impulse buys, keep a list in your phone of pieces you need to complete your wardrobe and if it’s a great-deal-gotta-have-it, make sure it fits you like it was made for you or that you can return it if it can’t be tailored. To ensure you take it to the tailor, leave it in your car instead of hanging it in your closet.

What’s IN

My “Out” is the perfect Segway for my “In” (funny how that works!). My in is a newer-ish trend, but one I’m thinking not many of you have heard of. I for one knew very little on the subject until my girlfriend Alex brought it up to me a few months ago. My first reaction, “I COULD NEVER DO THAT!”. What is it you ask, a little thing called a Capsule Wardrobe. Ideally your wardrobe consists of only 37 (this is apparently the magic number) pieces of clothing, shoes and accessories. These pieces are to be carefully selected and purchased so they can form around 60-90 completely different outfits. They should all be interchangeable and coordinate so almost any item can be worn with another. You would have one “capsule” for each season and the idea is that your most staple pieces (jeans, outerwear, etc) are of good enough quality that they can be re-used across multiple seasons and each new capsule will only involve buying a few trendier items to bring your capsule up-to-date.

So you can see why I, girl of excess, would balk at the idea of whittling my wardrobe down from roughly 15,879 pieces to 37. AS. IF. But then, I started to go through the daily event of “I actually have nothing to wear” not to be confused with “I don’t like any of my clothes”. Complete honesty, I got hips. This is extremely inconvenient when trying to find pants and shorts in a closet built for a stick figure. And then there’s the sad reality that most of my tops date back to my bartending/bar-hopping/even-more-flat-chested days and are wildly inappropriate for an almost 30 year old. Not to mention that they’re originally from Forever 21 and deserve retirement after a 7-year run.


I have done the initial purge. I have taken all my tailor-able pieces to be adjusted and I have consigned my mounds of designer jeans. I am not going to pressure myself into a 37 piece wardrobe just yet, but I am aiming for a 90 piece summer closet (shoes excluded because… this is the land of the free). I can already breath easier and look forward to posting the outfits I create from my new wardrobe and sharing my capsule journey with y’all.


To read more on the capsule wardrobe trend from someone who has successfully done it for two years, check out the Un-Fancy Blog!

What’s going ON


  • Get over to Minute Maid Park and check out the Astros. They’re first in their league and the New York Yankees are in town this weekend! Get tickets here!


Have a super Wednesday & an even superer week!


5 thoughts on “OUTINON || no. Seven

  1. Love your blogs!! It must be that time of year, for I to just did a purge! I just had a suggestion. When I purge my girlfriends, family ( I think I have had a couple of nieces benefit from my shoe collection purge) get many of my items but there are always things that none of your friends want, and it is those things( as long as they are clean and not in disrepair) I give to our women shelter and the out reach programs here in Moose Jaw . There are many programs that will happily take your items and many of them will pickup and often it is going to someone that would never be able to purchase the fancy jeans or beautiful warm wool sweater that we have enjoyed!

    1. Thanks Auntie! I love that other people are in the “clothing purge” mode! After my mom and sister-in-law’s go through it , I plan on sending it off to WIN House in Edmonton (http://www.winhouse.org/help-today/in-kind-donate/) to help women in the Edmonton Community! Much more rewarding than sending it off to donation centers that profit off it.

      Also, thanks for all the blog-love!

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