Falynn’s Favorite Chairs

Chair, lounger, chaise, throne, recliner, rocker, cathedra… you name it, I love it! People who know me, know I have a weird love for my chairs. And I have a lot of chairs, probably too many in fact, but that’s okay, right? They are so much more than just a seat for your tooshie; they can be a usable piece of art or a focal point in a room.

Anyway, I am going to go over a few of my favorite pieces that anyone could incorporate in their home or office.

Let’s start with my No.1 favorite… the classic Eames Lounge Chair & Ottoman. Designed by the brilliant American couple, Charles and Ray Eames in 1956; distinguishably the most influential designers of the 20th century. The perfectly molded plywood and luxurious leather of this lounger is the epitome of modern design. This piece is often referred to as the “Boss Chair” in my household, and that’s exactly what it is.



Another Eames goodie is the Molded Plastic design, which is often featured as an armchair, dining chair (with a metal Eiffel tower or wood dowel base), or as a rocker. Classic, understated, and almost cartoon-like; it’s great for any room.



My no. 2 favorite, which is a close runner up to the Eames lounger… the Barcelona Chair. Similarly, this chair is incredibly well-known and recognizable as a influential design of the modern movement in the last century. Designed by the German genius, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe in 1929 for the International Exposition in Barcelona (hence the name “Barcelona Chair”). This chair, often paired with the matching ottoman, features perfect tufting with leather buttons and a streamline chrome base. Everyone who sits in this chair instantly looks sexy.


Next up, the Louis Ghost Chair! Check out the pure elegance on this little gem. Although it may not be made for lounging and comfort, it is perfect for a vanity or an accent chair. This design mimics the historical monarchy Louis chair, but in 2002 designer Philippe Starck took a modern flair making this chair with a transparent acrylic. I have yet to add this chair to my collection; however one day, it will be mine (hint, hint husband).

ghost chair


Another favorite in my household, is the Bertoia metal chair. Designed in 1952 by Harry Bertoia, this chair is truly a modern icon of the mid-century modern design era. I personally have the barstools; however, I often get complaints about the lack of comfort in these chairs (I don’t care… shhh!). One day, I’ll have all of them!





Yes, all of these chairs are very modern, but what can I say… I’m obsessed with mid-century/modern design; it’s my jam!

Sit pretty my friends!


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