Book Club || Month no. 3

6 books down, 18 to go. Here is what we though about May’s novels.

5. And the Birds Rained Down, by Jocelyne Saucier

birds rained

Falynn’s Vote: 5/5     Amber’s Vote: 4/5

History, mystery, and intrigue! This story offers so much! Taking place in a wooded Northern Ontario community, the paths of two men who reside in the woods and two women who arrive to the woods for different reasons, all become unlikely companions. The interaction and friendship that comes from these individuals reveals more than just a story, but a journey of life and aging.

In summary: This book is beautifully written, which was my biggest appeal to this novel! Stick it out passed the first chapter and you too will be entranced by this book. This little book offers a lot; great for a long flight!


6. Brooklyn, by Colm Toibin


Amber’s Vote: 3.5/5     Falynn’s Vote: 4/5

I really enjoyed this book. The main character was well developed and I found myself sympathizing with her quite often. The book wasn’t necessarily a page-turner, however, I loved the history and found the contrast that was painted between life in Ireland and life in Brooklyn, NY in the 1950’s very interesting. The only reason I didn’t rate this book higher is because it took me until the end of the book to really love it. That being said, I can appreciate that this book stayed true to what it was. There were no dramatic plot twists, no crazy brain twisters, just the day-to-day life of a girl who leaves everything and everyone she knows, in hopes of a better life. I for one, can’t wait for the movie!

In summary:  If you enjoy historical fiction novels, this will be a great summer read for you. Don’t give up halfway through, you’ll be glad when you read the final paragraph (and don’t just skip to that!). 



7. The Glass Castle, by Jeannette Walls

glass castle

8. Paper Towns, By John Green

paper towns

For a list of upcoming books, check out the Book Club Challenge page!

Happy Reading!


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