Dad’s Day Gift Guide

It’s that time of the year when we can show appreciation for those men who taught us all our awesome bad habits, how to “fix” things & how to tolerate the men we are married to today. And it’s just over a week away!

Whether your Dad is the outdoorsy type, the techy, the ultimate Mr. Fix-it, the athlete, the fashion forward father, or the chef extraordinaire, we have some suggestions that we’re sure will beat out the last-minute tie or golf polo you’ve been giving for years.

Amber’s Gift Guide

1. Shaving Bib – Help the special man in your life keep things neat and tidy around the bathroom (while as far as facial hair is concerned). This handy little invention from Beard King ensures those stray facial hairs end up where they should. This makes for a happy wife and you know what they say!Beard_King_Beard_Bib_b_01_1024x1024

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2. Old-Fashioned Shaving Set – My husband has recently discovered the joys of the “old-fashioned” razor and his happiness makes me want to share that joy in the form of Father’s Day gifts. I am often guilty of choosing aesthetics over function, but this truly has both. I love the look of it on the bathroom counter and that my friends is a win, win. Added bonus, the replacement blades run around $15 for 100!


3. Scotch-of-the-Month Club – If the dad in your world likes to enjoy the finer things in life, I suggest a subscription to a Scoth-of-the-Month club. Heck, it doesn’t have even have to be scotch! These days there’s subcrtions to everything from Tequila and Rum to Beer-of-the-Month and Cigar-of-the-Month.


4. King of the Grill – Pardon the cheesy phrase, but what would a Father’s Day gift guide be without a dad joke? This is the variety of gift I went with for my father. Ever since I can remember, my dad has prided himself on his prowess at the grill. Seeing as they don’t have the magical land of Trader Joe’s in Canada, I took up a suitcase of my favorite Garlic Siracha BBQ Sauce, to-die-for steak rub, and other BBQ appropriate condiments.


A leather apron from Indigo Chapters rounded out an extremely appropriate gift for our “Grill Master”.876824763137_hi


Falynn’s Gift Guide

Being that my Dad and I live pretty far away from each other, I won’t be able to share Father’s Day with him this year; however, that doesn’t make the day any less special. We can share our appreciation and love to our Dad’s wherever they are.

1. Subscription – This is probably the easiest gift ever, it takes almost 0 efforts and is great for those last minute shoppers. I actually purchased a 12-month sock subscription from Foot Cardigan for my brother last year and I have been getting a joyous update on the wild new dress socks he receives every month.



2. Custom Meat Brander – This is for the BBQ or chef Dads that grill all year round! And to make the manly meat look even cooler, these custom meat branding irons from Williams-Sonoma are available for personalization so your Dad can make his proud stamp of approval before serving dinner.


3. Headphones or Speaker – For that tech savvy Dad who has it all, what on earth do you get them? Typically they have the latest and greatest gadgets, but there are always new toys that you can find. Headphones and speakers are always changing and upgrading so getting a compact speaker like the Bose Soundlink Bluetooth speaker or the Wireless Powerbeats by Beats by Dre for the active techy Dad.



4. Stadium Blueprint Art – This is for the sports loving Dad (or really anyone)! Being a design junkie, artwork can be a challenge to please both men and women; however, these framed Stadium Blueprints from Ballpark Blueprints Ltd. are the perfect for any space… especially for the sports lovers’ man cave!


A cheaper gift… just tell your dad you love him and appreciate all the years he has shared with you! This is sometimes the best gift they can receive.


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