ReFresh || no. Eleven

Monday Refresh for your first week of June! This ReFresh is a day late and I (Amber) am totally to blame. I spent the last week back in Edmonton, AB escaping the Houston storms and getting to meet my new nephew. Something I have learned, babies are not as conducive to blogging as dogs, but they’re pretty darn cute!

Falynn’s Monday ReFresh

This is a common tragedy in my makeup kit, the inevitable crumbling of my pressed powder products. Whether it’s an eye shadow, foundation, bronzer, or any other dry pressed powder, it gets used a little bit and then WHAM, the crumble occurs and gets all over everything. Typically, once this happened, I would toss the product thinking that it wouldn’t be usable with chunks of the product rather than a smooth surface.

Bobbi Brown FoundationNow that I know what I know, I could have saved SO much money replacing these products. So how to fix your broken pressed powder? You will need 4 things:

  • The broken product
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • A popsicle stick or something similar
  • Small, old makeup brush

Now what…

Break up the rest of the chunks of the product in the pod it is in.

Next, add a couple drops (don’t saturate the product).

Mix and begin smoothing the product into the pod with your makeup brush.

Let it dry!

It’s like it never happened; you’re welcome!


Amber’s Monday Refresh


Anyways, Houston has finally begun to heat up and this means pool parties and crop tops until fall. For me, these general states of near-nakedness always make me very aware of the dreaded stomach bloat. A few years ago, my husband and I “invented” an all vegetable shake that we add into our breakfast routine during the summer months. Essentially, we throw a bunch of veggies into the Vitamix, blend, and drink. We will even use this shake to replace our morning coffee (gasp). I say shake because we are using a blender and don’t remove any of the pulp or fiber. The following is our most common veggie combo, but feel free to play around with whatever vegetables you fancy!

  • a couple handfuls of spinach
  • a couple table spoons of FRESH parsley
  • a handful of chopped cucumber
  • a big handful of diced carrots
  • a small handful of celery (Mark leaves this out)
  • a tablespoon of lemon juice
  • a cup of water (or coconut water)
  • a cup of ice (optional)


Blend and drink! I will often pre-bag all the ingredients to make the mornings easier. This way, all I have to do is add water and lemon juice.




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