Lipstick Review

Makeup and I have a love/hate affair, but anyone who knows me knows that I am big fan of lipstick; it’s my one little glam item that I cannot go without. Lipstick trends come and go with the seasons, so I am breaking down my favorite lipsticks.

Coral & Orange

This might be a bit bold for some, but orange is one of my favorite lipstick colors; this could be because my skin tone looks good with these warm earthy tones. Another take on the orange lipstick is the ever-so-popular, Coral. Not only is this color popular as a lipstick, but also as a fashion and décor trend. Perfect summer color!

Bite: Luminous Crème Lipstick, Cin Cin – Last year I was on a mission to find the perfect orange lipstick, I literally searched for 6 months before stumbling across Bite at Sephora. I initially purchased the color Apricot, however that one is now discontinued, so my Bite orange was replaced by this color and it still remains one of my favorites!


Bobbi Brown: Rich Lip Color, Soft Coral – Coral lips are perfect for summer and there are so many options, I tend to lean toward more of an orange, but this Bobbi Brown lipstick swayed me towards pink, and I love it! Additionally, this lipstick collection is incredibly rich, which provides a great texture and finish.

BB lip


Chanel: Rouge Allure, 99 Pirate – 100% splurge worthy! I have this intense long-wear lipstick in 3 colors and I am obsessed; Chanel makes the perfect red lipstick and lip gloss. They also make this collection in a velvet finish which I have recently discovered and I am in love with!


Nars: Semi-Matte Lipstick, Shanghai Express – Nars is one of my favorite makeup brands, especially their lipsticks. They make intense lipsticks with a variety of finishes, they also tend to be a longer wearing product, which I am a fan of! They also have a large variety of Reds with different undertones.



Maybe not your summer choice, however, rich dark wine colored lipsticks are beautiful for the fall or winter! If you are a lipstick rookie, this might not be your first choice as it is pretty much the most intense lipstick (aside from black) that you can do. If you are considering giving it a try, maybe explore the options of a lip tint rather than a lipstick; tints can provide you with the deep color without the intensity and texture of a lipstick.

MAC: Lipstick, Sin – I am a big fan of the variety which MAC provides, as I am sure everyone is. I am particularly fond of their options in the world of dark lipsticks; in fact, all of my dark purple/wine lipsticks are from MAC. I am yet to find a competitor that gives me the satisfaction of the MAC collection.


Tom Ford: Lip Color, Bruised Plum – Okay, I will admit I don’t own this one, but I have heard rumors of Tom Ford’s makeup collection being fabulous! Not to mention this color is a perfect purple-ish wine color. This may just be my next investment… (shh, don’t tell my husband!)


Rose & Mauve

I am convinced anyone can pull-off a dusty rose lip color, partially because it is the closest thing to a natural lip color. As for the light purple or mauve, this is a bit more of a cooler toned version of a dusty rose lip color. Its simple, understated, and perfect for a daily wear.

Laura Mercier: Crème Smooth, Dulce de Leche – I absolutely adore the Crème Smooth Laura Mercier collection, it is surprisingly long wearing for being a creamy finish, and it provides endless moisture. Majority of their colors are more neutral or natural in tone, which is great if you are wanting something to wear on a daily basis or for photos.


Shu Uemura: Rouge Unlimted, Medium Rosy Mauve – I was completely unfamiliar with this brand until a good friend of mine introduced me to their fantastic eyelash curler, after that Shu Uemura had my interest. They don’t have a large variety in colors, but this lipstick is so smooth, yet provides a matte finish without making lips look dry.



Pink is not my color, never has been, especially pastel pinks, so I tend to venture towards darker deeper tones to match my medium olive skin tone. There are so many different versions of pink that you could shop forever and never see the same shade twice. When it comes to pinks, I would say go with what your comfortable with and give it a try; I did and I now am loving my pink lipsticks.

Armani: Rouge d’Armani, #512 – Perfectly intense pink! This lipstick was giving to me as a gift and typically I never wear pink lipstick… at least until I discovered this little gem!


LipFusion: Plump & Shine, Babydoll – I happened to stumble upon this with a “gift with purchase” makeup pack, and as soon as my sample was used up, I went back and purchased a full size!



This is a trend I have a hard time with, but I have committed to trying it without looking like I have no lips. The best way I have found to do this is picking a color that has pink or earthy undertones so it’s not matching your skin color.

Marc Jacobs: New Nudes Lipstick, Strange Magic – My most recent lipstick discovery and it is delightful! It is fairly sheer and light, but provides a good color. I don’t find is long wearing, but it looks so great on.


Sephora: Color Lip Last, 02 Cinnamon Crush – I have the Sephora Collection Color Lip Last in about 6 colors; they wear so well without touching up or re-applying. Not to mention they are only $16.00.



Yes, this isn’t necessarily a “Lipstick”, but it is one of the most important steps to wearing lipstick. If your lips aren’t hydrated and protected, lipstick can look horrible and creased. SPF and moisture are your best friend when it comes to lipstick

YSL: Volupte Sheer Candy #5 – It’s soft, moisturizing and adds the perfect amount of tint. All the colors in this collection are delectable; my favorite is #5, but I know Amber is a big fan of #14.


Fresh: Sugar Tinted Lip Treatment, Coral – Okay, anybody who has used Fresh products can attest that these lip treatments are amazing! I am particularly fond of the Coral.

Fresh sugar

Lip Liner

When it comes to lipstick, lip liner is almost just as important as hydration and SPF. And I am not talking about the contrasted lip liner and lipstick trend from the 90’s. Lip liners are used to define lips, help to avoid lipstick color bleeding, act as a lip primer, give large lip illusion, stop feathering, and provide lip contour

There are a variety of options for lip liner, but finding one for every lipstick can be a costly affair, that’s why everyone should have an invisible lip liner! There are lots of brands that carry an invisible lip liner, but the one I use is Too Faced, Borderline Anti-feathering Lip Liner; it is great for edging your lips to avoid color bleeding or smudging around the corners. Perfect for the resistant lip liner newbie!

lip liner

Lip liner can give a sense of illusion for your lips making them appear more plump and contoured. This can be done with almost any regular lip liner pencil (not crème or translucent unfortunately). By choosing a lip liner closest to your lipstick or with a slight variant in color, you can redefine your lips to look like Kylie Jenner! I have yet to master the art of lip shaping, but my go to is once again MAC Lip Pencil because of their endless variety in colors and finishes!

mac lip pencil

Blendable lip liners are great to act as a primer and give a different look to your favorite lipstick. Chanel wins this category with their Le Crayon Levres, it has a brush on the end to blend the edges and color to give the perfect look!

chanel lip liner

Sometimes a girl needs the worry-free assistance of waterproof, and who does long lasting better than Makeup Forever? Their Aqua Lip Waterproof Pencil glides on easy and is non-transferable for those smooches!

MF liner

Now pucker up and enjoy your day!


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