OUTINON || no. Five


What’s OUT

JUST listening to music. I have recently discovered the joys of the audiobook. Backstory: Last week we finally tackled painting our master bathroom from a dark, unsettling orange (see before picture below) to my all time favorite paint color, white. After about an hour of listening to music I was ready to hang up my brush. Then I remembered that my Kindle Unlimited subscription (more on this amazing-ness in a minute) also offers free audiobook versions of the novels I’m currently reading. Because they are linked, you can pick-up on the same page you left off on, which makes switching from audio to Kindle seamless. Three hours later, our bathroom was painted and I had finished my third book of the month.

IMG_8928Before & After

But back to Kindle Unlimited. This handy dandy subscription is like Netflix for books. A subscription is $9.99/month and you can “borrow” up to five books at a time. Not every book is available, but I have discovered so many great novels and authors that I would have never otherwise given a shot. Your first month is free, so whether this is your cup of tea or not, you really can not go wrong. We have decided that Kindle Unlimited audiobooks will be our new road trip essential and will be excellent for those long flights where my eyes need a rest. I want to give a shoutout to one of the best books I have read in a very long time, and I owe that all to Kindle Unlimited.


What’s IN

Hand Bracelets are the next big thing to add to your arm party. Both harem and hand bracelets are a new must-have accessory  for the summer. While you’re at it, layer on some Flash Tattoos for that memorial day pool party or Free Press Summer Fest!

hand_20wraps_20-_20vogue_originalHand bracelets via Meg Biram Shop


il_570xN.485596390_6fsuHarem bracelet via etsy

What’s going ON

Free Press Summer Fest – This festival runs from June 6-7th in downtown Houston and if you check out the line-up below, I think this event speaks for itself. Get your tickets before they’re gone!


Mini Motoring Challenge – This event runs May 29-31st and is completely FREE, you just need to sign up on the website as space is limited. This event sounds completely unreal. Everyone will have the chance to drive a Mini Cooper through a lit up course at night. The course changes each day and once you’ve driven, headphones will be provided for a silent disco and food trucks will be on hand to satisfy your post-drive hunger. The Motoring Challenge will be held at NRG Park so you can even use the NEWLY RUNNING METRO RAIL to get there!!! (I’m a bit excited about that.)


METRORail Fest 2015 – Since the Metro Rail will finally be running, they are kicking it off with free rides all day Saturday, May 23rd and a FREE concert at BBVA Compass Stadium! NE-YO and Frankie J. will be helping us get in the celebratory mood. Doors open at 4:30pm.




What’s OUT

Makeup and I have a love/hate battle, but anyone who knows me knows that I love lipstick. This seems to be my one glam item I don’t leave the house without. A little color on my lips makes me feel done up enough to make any outfit or look acceptable (I tell myself this, but that might not be true). That being said there are some terrifying lip trends that need to hit the dusty trail.

#1  Heavy lip liner, this has got to go! I vividly remember my mother using a contrasted lip liner back in the 90’s; it may have been trendy then, but nowadays, not so much. Lip liner is a great tool to avoid the lipstick bleeding past your lip line or to great a more defined look, but the tattooed lips are a no-no! Play with the lipstick color, not the lip liner.

#2 Lip whiteout… this was particularly popular with a really orange tan. But considering over-tanning is out, it’s time the whiteout lip departs as well. That being said, a neutral or nude lip is welcomed when doing it the right way! Finding the right nude lip can be tricky, but it is worth the investment when you find a good one that enhances your natural lip.

#3 Cracked dry lips. This may never have been a trend, but it is entirely avoidable. I battle with the year round dryness, but treating and using SPF on your lips can save them! Not only are dry lips horribly uncomfortable, but trying to apply lipstick to dry lips makes for creases and flaking.

For more on lipsticks, stay tuned for my Lipstick Review blog post coming up!

What’s IN

Hair trends change with the wind, but one of my favorite trends is the undone loose look. This might be because my hair can be pretty unruly. So, lately I have been rocking the the loose high pony (not to be confused with the top knot). This look is my go-to day two with some voluminous dry shampoo or hair powder; looks great dressed up, post gym, or for an easy everyday look.

high pony

image via Drop Dead Gorgeous Daily

My other recent favorite has been the half up top knot. I think this got its inspiration from the man bun, but either way I love it and I’ll be rocking it all summer!

half up

image via NastyGal

I might celebrate these two trends a bit more this year because my hair is finally long enough to put in a high pony without it looking like a horn.

What’s going ON

Rain Maker Rodeo – St. Albert

Being a St. Albertan myself, this is something my husband and I look forward to every year. It’s not a big event, but it’s put on so well by the Kinsmen Club of St. Albert and they bring out some good crowds.

  • Admission: $16.00
  • When: Friday, May 22 – Sunday, May 24
  • Where: St. Albert Kinsmen, rodeo grounds

Friday rain

saturday rain

The event features a great line up of bands for both the Friday night Rock concerts and the Saturday night Country concerts, a fair, a dog show, and of course rodeo events (my fav)!


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