Gold Bronze Brass Copper

First thing that comes to mind when thinking of decorating with Gold, Bronze, Brass, and Copper typically is the 70’s/80’s and old Victorian, right? Now get rid of that thought and consider decorating with it NOW. These warm metallic are making a major come back, but more in a subtle, modern, and elegant way.

Gold decor2


Fixture suppliers are making specialty items in these metallic colors to make everyday items a beautiful feature in the simplest of ways. One of my favorite ways to include this is in kitchen or bathroom faucets.

Just because you put one metallic item in your room, doesn’t mean that every other accent has to be the same. Consider the metallic pieces as an accent feature, not a theme.

copper and gold


An easy way to add a warm metallic feature is through a unique light fixture. Because this trend is becoming more popular in home décor, copper and gold fixtures are pretty accessible and for a reasonable price now.

Gold, bronze, brass, and copper can be paired with almost any color. When using these warm metallics as an accent you have the flexibility to compliment, contrast, or match the tones in a room. Consider pairing it with whites, greys, or even dark colors.

copper chair


Home accessories and case goods in metallics are becoming more popular as well and this is a perfect way to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any space.

copper decor

Gold decor

For details on the items featured in these images check out our OUTINON Polyvore

Go for the gold!


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