Book Club || Month no. 2

4 books down, 20 to go. Here is what we though about April’s novels.

3. The Girl on the Train, by Paula Hawkins


Falynn’s Vote: 4.5/5     Amber’s Vote: 4/5

Mystery, suspense, and intrigue. Hawkins does a great job of depicting every character from different perspectives and defining the story through little sneak peeks of the unknown. Being a thriller with a lot of plot depth and drama, I did find that this book was a tad depressing; every character had an issue, a secret, or an agenda which also made for the allure of this book. This novel remained true to it’s reviews in that it subtly reminded me of Gone Girl, by Gillian Flynn which many platforms had suggested; both sharing similarities of a psychological thriller, leading the reader to be suspicious of every character.

In summary: I enjoyed this novel, however I am a sucker for suspense/thriller/mystery. Additionally, it was a fairly easy read, which I cruised through in a short time, but it did keep me engaged throughout the whole book.


4. The Banks of Certain Rivers, by Jon Harrison


Amber’s Vote: 3.5/5     Falynn’s Vote: 3/5

This was a down-to-earth novel about the everyday problems a person might face. A refreshing change of pace coming off of The Testing series and the crime thrillers I’ve been reading. The main character encounters numerous challenges with his personal and professional life which make him both relatable and likable. You find yourself rooting for him as he navigates the loss of his life, being a single father, and ultimately finding love again.

In summary: A little bit of a slow read, but overall, well written and recommended!  



5. And the Birds Rained Down, by Jocelyne Saucier

 birds rained

6. Brooklyn, By Colm Toibin


For a list of upcoming books, check out the Book Club Challenge page!

Happy Reading!


One thought on “Book Club || Month no. 2

  1. I just finished reading The Girl on the Train, too. As a mom of two young kids, it was a little chilling for me! I wish i had known the topic a little more before reading but i also hate spoilers. Win some, lose some.

    I’m always looking for a good book recommendation. I like this little book series you have going on. 🙂

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