ReFresh || no. Seven

It’s Monday again friends and this means it’s time for our weekly refresh!

Amber’s Monday ReFresh

For me, April and May are those two months where it seems everybody has a birthday, moves into a new home, has a baby (or announces one on the way), and of course Mother’s Day. Needless to say, I have been a card writing and mailing machine and my card box needs a serious refresh. When it comes to sending mail, I am always torn between cute and cost. Mailing to Canada from Texas is already expensive, add in a $5+ card and “Help me, I’m poor”. I’m obviously exaggerating, but you get it. Then this week, I stumbled upon a way to not only refresh my card box, but to also ensure that I will be surprising people with adorable (and potentially frameable) mail!



Thanks to the lovely ladies behind A Beautiful Mess, there is now a subscription called Happy Mail. You will receive a package full of fun cards, a notepad, washi stickers, and an art print(!!) every month! You can choose how long you subscribe (1 year, 6 months, or month-to-month) and the price varies accordingly ($15/month to $20/month + shipping). You can also choose to gift the subscription (Mother’s Day gift anyone?!). I for one wasted zero time before placing my order and am now anxiously awaiting my first Happy Mail shipment!


Falynn’s Monday ReFresh

This past weekend, my lovely friend Kali and I participated in St. Albert’s Run Wild race, and with that fresh in my mind, my Monday Refresh is for your gym bag; the necessities for your gym bag and race day!

I am no pro, but these are my absolute essentials that get me through my training sessions and runs:

  1. Hydration: My bkr bottle– Water before, during, and after a workout or race are an absolute must! It’s science, your muscles and mind need it to perform and recover.
  2. My sneakers: Asics GEL Cumulus – About 7 years ago I had my first proper shoe fitting for running, and what a difference it has made! Since that day I am a loyal lover of Asics; they provide the support and cushion my joints and feet need for the gym or pavement pounding.
  3. My compression socks: Nike – Any run over 10 km I wear my compression socks; they promote circulation in your legs to aid with recovery and performance.
  4. Layers: Nike & Lululemon – Most races start in the morning, which can be crisp and cool, even in the summer. I tend to wear a handful of thin layers that can easily be removed; starting off with a cold body can lead to injury. Even at the gym when training indoors, I still layer up for my perma-chilled body.polyvore
  5. Tunes: Headphones & iPhone – Some races don’t recommend headphones during a race; however, I love the motivation music provides during a workout, whether it be a race or just a stretching session.
  6. Foam Roller – This is my best friend! I don’t typically carry it with me in my gym bag, but I have one at home, at my office, and a travel sized one. It’s like a deep tissue massage for your tired muscles.
  7. Gym Bag: Lululemon – In order to house all this stuff, a solid gym bag that can take me from work, to the gym, to a race, and home is a must!
  8. Other necessities – lip chap, headband or hat, hair elastics, sunscreen, gum, sunglasses, and snacks.

Check out our Polyvore for details on the products featured in the image.

Happy running!


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