Unconventional Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Falynn’s Gift Guide

Not all typical Mother’s Day gifts are appropriate for all moms. Yes, flowers, a candle, a spa treatment are all lovely; however, this may not work for your mother, and this is the case with my mom… she is a tad more unconventional. My mom is one of those women who puts an entire construction crew to shame, and yet at the same time, rocks a pair of heels and a dress better than Heidi Klum.

This mother’s day, Mama [F] isn’t getting a spa treatment (although she would enjoy it), nor is she getting flowers or a commemorative mug. She deserves something that she’d actually use and enjoy.

Here are some ideas for an Unconventional Mother’s Day Gift!

1. Unique cookbook for the creative chef –  There are millions of cookbooks out there with the same recipes or someone’s take on “The beeeesssst pizza crust ever” or the not-so-secret ingredient. Take it to the basics; what does your mom really like.. Italian, gluten free (no one actually likes gluten free), salad dressings, etc. Get creative with it and find something that’s unique. All else fails, get one that looks good on the shelf.


New York Times – Cook Book

2. Relax and renew face mask & personalized robe to look adorable in while snoozing & resting – I have recently tried (and fallen in love) with my sleeping mask… how did I ever sleep before this? This is a great gift for moms, especially because we, their children, are typically the reason they don’t sleep.


via Mark & Graham


via Plum Pretty Sugar

3. Concert Tickets to uproot her inner rocker from her earlier days – My mother is the reason I have the moves that I got today; not that they are good, but if she didn’t force us to listen to the unlimited genre musical collection she had, I would be far more lost and way less cool on a dance floor.


4. Words – The very best gift any mother could ever receive are the simple and sincere words of “I love you” and “Thank you!” Say it and mean it this Mother’s Day; they deserve it!

Love you Mom!


Amber’s Gift Guide

When hunting for the perfect Mother’s Day gift, we always have our safety net, go-to’s (ie. Pandora charms, flowers, chocolate, a picture frame that says “Mom”). How about this year you opt for something a little more unique. With the help of our “Unconventional” Gift Guide, you’ll be the thoughtful husband or the favorite child in no time. 

1. Shutterfly Photobook. This one will take a bit more time, but will be appreciated for years to come. You can go the creative route and design the entire book, or you can go the quicker route and simply upload your photos and allow Shutterfly to arrange them by date into one of their lovely templates. 

Shutterfly Books

2. A Subscription. Whether it be a Wine-of-the-Month Club, a magazine subscription, or Hulu for the year, she is sure to think of you with every bottle, page or show. The gift that keeps on giving!


3. Ipsy or BarkBox. This also runs along the subscription line, and what can I say, I love getting mail! If your mother, wife, or baby-mama-to-be is into skincare, beauty and trying new products, Ipsy is your ticket. If she’s more into the family pet(s), then BarkBox is the perfect gift for the avid animal lover. If you’re looking to score extra brownie points, I suggest throwing in this tee!

Dog Tee



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