ReFresh || no. Six

Another Monday, another ReFresh. This week refresh your glow and morning coffee!

Falynn’s Monday ReFresh

Snow is gone, weather is getting warmer, shorts are getting shorter and tans are… nonexistent. Us Northerners spend majority of our winter bundled and vitamin D deficient. So how can you kick start your summer glow and get Amber’s Texas bronze without frying your skin in tanning beds? These are my secrets to beat the winter hangover and get ready for summer!

Step 1: De-fuzz! Although some of us may never admit it, but we spend our winters without worrying too much about shaving our legs; it just seems unnecessary. Well, before moving to step two, shave the legs first! That way you aren’t peeling away the hydration of step 3.

Step 2: Exfoliate! My sensitive skin doesn’t like a daily exfoliation, but every week I use a body scrub to strip away the dead skin prepping me for step 3.

Step 3: Hydration! My skin cannot get enough of it! And my step 3 combines with step 4 because my year round body lotion is a self tanner. If yours is not, soak your skin in some hydrating goodness before moving to step 4.

Step 4: Bronze! Having a summer glow is not for everyone; there are those lucky people that have perfectly even, fair skin that requires no glow. But for me, my olive, multi-tone skin looks a bit better with a warm glow, and rather than tanning, I prefer my year round regime of using my self-tanner moisturizer. What to use?

Option 1: St. Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Lotion ($42)


St. Tropez, being on the higher end, is highly recommended and advertised. It has numerous products and options, making it easy for any skin tone or outcome.

Option 2: Jergens Natural Glow Moisturizer ($21)


This is my personal favorite! Not only because it is literally half the price of it’s competitor, but I find it provides more moisture and more of a natural year round glow. I have tried numerous other brands, but my Jergens wins every time.

Soak it up my friends!


Amber’s Monday ReFresh

Coffee. We all do it. So here’s a little tip to refresh the way you caffeinate. While coffee is a morning necessity in my household, I am still rebelling against the notion that “routine = boring”.

Insert Beary Berry Honey. Just a wee bit of this takes my java routine from plain black coffee to pumpkin spice heaven, chai delight or “another espresso shot”. Falynn has gifted me all three of these delicious honeys and I am not ashamed to admit that they have now been finding their way into my oatmeal, onto my English muffins and occasionally into my tea.


If you are fortunate enough to live in the Edmonton area, you can find these and other flavors at the St. Albert farmer’s market or select Save On stores. If you’re like me, you’ll have to hope you have a generous friend who lives in the area who can scoop some for you. I have yet to find the equivalent here in Texas, but if you know of anything similar, please leave a comment below!

Happy Monday!



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