OUTINON || no. Three


What’s OUT

Target Canada… it’s gone! FOREVERRRRRRRRR!

This is a touchy subject with us Canadian Target lovers. No more Beaver Canoe, no more Threshold, no more up&up, no more Sonia Kashuk, no more Archer Farms, no more Gilligan & O’Malley, no more RE Room Essentials.

The only thing I can relate to this tragedy is through the words of the great LeAnn Rimes – How Do I Live?

So what is going to replace this emptiness in my life and our local malls? I have no clue. For me, I am still coping; as for the massive red retail buildings, these will remain empty until some other massive retailer decides to enter the Canadian market and gets blown away by our wind and snow.

In the meantime, Target.com ships to Canada for the necessities that only Target can provide; until I fill this void, I will re-kindle my love affair with simons, Hudson’s Bay, and keep the love for the my local shops and stops. I also can look forward to the newly opened DSW, the upcoming Saks and Whole Foods

What’s IN

Hats! I love them and I wear them often! It may be because of my unruly wannabe curly hair that makes me love hats so much, but I see it as a solution. Hats are like the final touch on an average outfit.

Wool hats


Weave hats


Ball caps


What’s going ON

This is the elderly me coming out, but I have always had a big love for antiques. Majority of my décor inspiration is mid-century modern; however, there is something homey about old wood and leather, reminds me of my mom (not that she smells like old wood and leather or anything, she just likes antiques). But this weekend in Edmonton there is the 40th Annual Wild Rose Antique Collectors Show & Sale. Yes, this is like the Antique Roadshow.


Although I won’t be going to this because it’s taking place this weekend at Northlands, and I will be “sipping” wine in Napa with Amber and our other halves. But, you can guarantee I would be there if I were in town.

If you do decide to hit it up and the overwhelming smell of old is too much, just head to the next hall at Northlands and go to the women’s show for an overwhelming smell of estrogen. Its full of community love, gardening, pets, food, health, and all things lady related.

womans show



What’s OUT

I’m going to go a tad bit more personal on this one so bear with me. My out this week is caring what other people think. There is a lot of truth to the cliché saying “haters gonna hate”. Having moved to a country (where I am unable to legally work) to be close to my husband, I have wrestled with allowing others to make me feel inferior due to my lack of “job”. I’ve laughed off comments about how nice it must be to have so much free time, when it actually kinda stings. I mean, I left a job I enjoyed, a life I loved and all my friends and family.But here’s what I’ve learned, if I had a job, those same people would still be hatin’ because my job wouldn’t live up to their standards.

Stop caring what others think. If you’re happy, you’re already winning. I am exponentially happier now that I’ve decided not to care. I have amazing friends, a wonderfully supportive husband (awww), and my family. In the words of Miss Swift (who’s now dating Calvin Harris of you somehow missed that) SHAKE IT OFF.

What’s IN

T-shirts, tanks, and sweatshirts with funny quotes and sayings. I’m sure you’ve noticed these EVERYWHERE. They are having a big moment and I love them because they add interest to my otherwise black top/denim combo. I’m also loving them tucked into skirts and paired with high-waisted cutoffs.





Check out TheDailyTay Etsy site

What’s going ON

Xplore Houston is happening Saturday, April 25th and I CAN NOT WAIT! I have always dreamed of being on the Amazing Race and now, that is becoming somewhat of a reality! In short, this is a giant scavenger race around Houston that you and your team can tackle on foot or via public transit. There’s prizes and if I haven’t sold you yet, head over to the website to create or join a team of your own!


P.S. There’s also a Living Social voucher that will make this even more appealing.


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