ReFresh || no. Five

Good Monday to y’all! Two highly unrelated ReFresh’s for you today; how to fashionably lounge without looking like a slob, and pop art décor, inspired by the current Pop Art exhibit in Edmonton!

Amber’s Monday ReFresh

Monday Refresh No. 5

Refresh the way you lounge. I don’t know about you, but whenever I see the dreamy VS Pink or Aerie ads for lounge and sleepwear, I want to up my relaxation game. I’m not talking about applying full make up or blowing out your hair before bed, I’m all about the fun bun and fresh (or zitty) face. I just have this theory that if you wear cute lounging clothes, you’ll lounge so much better. Go ahead and laugh, but once you see my suggestions I bet you too will be craving stylish relaxation. And from experience, it’s nice to be able to leave the house without hoping you avoid seeing every person you’ve ever known. They don’t offer witness protection for people caught fetching the mail in their dumpy butt sweats.


Switch out your sweats for a trendy pair of joggers! These can even pull double wardrobe duty when paired with a cute tee or crop top, denim jacket and a fun shoe. Hello stylish traveler at the airport that everyone else secretly hates!


Think over-the-knee when it comes to socks. A pair of boy shorts, a cute tank and an over sized cardigan are not only THE most comfortable combo, but paired with over-the-knee socks, it’s also sexy. I know my husband isn’t complaining and I’m not trying to suck it in after a bowl of truffle, Parmesan popcorn!


Oversized button ups. Men’s dress shirts are my go-to. They’re cute, comfy and perfect for getting ready in. Paired with leggings and sneakers, you’re armed for a Sunday morning coffee and donut run and can easily transition back to pants optional when you return home.


Happy Monday and happier lounging!


Falynn’s Monday ReFresh

Any Warhol, British double-decker bus, Marilyn Monroe, Cambell’s Tomato Soup Can, and comic books… can you picture it all? That’s Pop Art. Now imagine all those colors in your house… it can be done without looking like a time warp.



Pop Art, what is it? Essentially, it was a major art movement from the 1950’s started in Britain and became a global trend; most commonly know for the bright pops of color, harsh lines, and comic inspiration. Pop Art has been carried through generations and utilized in modern media, fashion, art, and interior décor.



Even though I tend to run to the hills when it comes to decorating with things other than black, white, grey, white, and more white; Pop Art has always been a favorite of mine! Believe it or not, I have some color in my house, but it only appears in minimal doses and usually are in a frame sitting on a white wall.


Using Pop Art as an inspiration fro your home décor can be done without it looking like a cartoon show. Especially if it is used as art work or subtly with accessories; or you can go wild and buy a blue sofa, or a red carpet! That’s up to you!

All this has been inspired by the recent Art Gallery of Alberta exhibit, Pop Show! It’s here till June 7 at the AGA. For more information check out YourAGA Pop Show!


Keep it poppin’


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